Cuddl Duds & ClimateSmart – The “new” layering

When I recently came across the name “Cuddl Duds“, my ears perked up! I have been wearing and loving these warms layers since my mom would buy them for me growing up.  In my mind I have only known cuddle duds to be a very functional, wear only “under” clothes, or “sleep in” type of clothing on those freezing cold nights. I am here to tell you ……. not the case any more! Cuddl Duds has re-launchd their brand and image into a completely wearable, stylish, and amazing comfort loungewear line.  No need to hide any longer!


Cuddl Duds offers an array of options to choose from. All of which can be mixed and matched to your desired level of warmth and comfort.  There is a lounge layer, second layer, sport layer, and warm layer.  The colors are very neutral and interchangeable.

Cuddl Duds is a brand that focuses on comfort.  Comfort also needs to be stylish and being able to take the guesswork out of looking and feeling good means everything!  Whether you’re on the move or relaxing with your family at home, LoungeLayer makes it easy.


All of the options are so specially designed with spandex blend that allows for movement and a fleece option is availble for ultimate warmth and comfort.

As a photographer, I often find myself in Central Park on a chilly Fall day. I need an option that allows me to be warm without feeling  overly bulky or weighed down.  The layering  pieces are perfect for me with the wicking technology that keeps my temperature regulated and warm.  I should also mention my favorite feature are hand covers and thumbholes built into some of the shirts….. amazing!!!!!


I remember the days of going to a department store and selecting from one style (maybe 2)  of a layering shirt and pants.  This is not the case anymore.  Cuddl Duds has introduced endless options for example, long sleeve crew, long sleeve ballet scoop, reversible scoop and the list goes on and on…..


One thing remains the same…. these are still pieces designed to keep the body warm so they are form fitting and sleek but the design is completely different and better now! The innovative technology of the fabric is not going to stretch out and there are fabulous options in the SecondLayer collection to wear over your WarmLayer.  If it sounds  a little confusing take a look at the website….

Cuddl Duds has also expanded into the ultimate comfort arena adding slippers, slipper socks,  throws, and plush blankets as well to their line.  You will never want to leave the house again, but if you do now it is OK to wear Cuddl Duds without covering them up! I love it!!! I should also mention Cuddl Duds is not just a warm weather line anymore…. they offer seasonal products to wear year around.

Cuddl Duds also wants to make sure our children are warm and have the most adorable layering pieces for kids!  They can be worn alone or under clothes.  The fabric selections are truly the cutest I have seen and I’m sure my 2 kids will be wearing them this winter.

When viewing the new line, I was also very excited to hear about the Men’s options.  Since the name “Cuddl Duds” is not very manly, the name ClimateSmart was given to this innovative base layer line for Men.

The material is truly remarkable.  The men’s base layer offers a moisture management fabric that allows for quick dry, inhibits odor, is breathable, has a flat seam, UV proaction as well as being tag free! Just like the women’s line there are different weight options, depending on your level of activity or warmth requirements.  There is a light weight, mid weight and heavy weight.  The deigns are also very stylish and there is no need to hide from our workout wear any longer (men included!).

The technology- enhanced fabric of the ClimateSmart line provides men with a practical layering solution for almost any temperature and type of activity.  ClimateSmart is a game changer for performance wear and will be available in August at major retailers in the U.S. and on