Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Evita on Broadway

Who was Eva Peron? A small town girl who became a Saint? For those who are curious and looking for a spectacular show, I have one word…EVITA!
Admittedly I was already obsessed and owned the soundtrack since college, so I was more than excited to go. Evita on Broadway is special for so many reasons…. 1) Ricky Martin, yes RICKY Martin! 2) Ricky Martin, oh wait I just said that 3) Yes…. Him again!
Ricky was cast perfect as the eyes and ears of the show … Narrating in song such a detailed story. The life of Eva Peron is brought to the stage by the fabulous Elena Roger who sings and dances her heart out night after night. Although, a tiny lady, she portrays this Argentine legend with such power in this amazing production. Everything about this show is top notch. The cast and ensemble are terrific too. This is a true Broadway performance with singing, dancing, and a little bit of everything.
Michael Cerveris who plays Eva’s husband is equally talented and delivers one strong number after another. An A list cast does not always deliver the best on stage, but in this case it does!
My only fault with this play was the end…. I needed a little more time to wrap up and mourn Eva’s passing but I do believe this is exactly as she would have liked it to end. Don’t cry for me Argentina.