It Takes Two! Double Strollers by Joovy

Living in Manhattan I am constantly checking out other strollers on the street. It’s almost an obsession I would say. I am constantly on the look out for a new model or improvement for a stroller to have in the city. I have so many requirements that no one stroller can fit every need.  This is why, in an urban area, families have multiple strollers.  After almost 6 years, and 2 kids later I feel I have either tried or am trying a  majority of styles and strollers.  In return, I have become somewhat of an expert and offer my advice whenever asked.

One stroller area I was not familiar with until recently is a “Double Stroller”.  My daughter has just now turned 15 months and my son will be 6 soon.  I thought for sure I had missed the “double stroller” window as my son has now exceeded the weight and height requirement for most double stroller options.  Obviously he does not “need” to stroll anymore but with his baby sister now comfy and cozy in her new strollers someone suddenly wants to take a ride again!

I heard my son’s needs and started my research yet again for a double stroller that would be the right fit. With our upcoming trip to Disneyland, the pressure was on to find the perfect solution.  After all, this would be my son’s first trip without his own stroller.

As I imagined all my research proved to be hopeless until I started to find information about Joovy Strollers.  Surprisingly enough, they met my height/weight requirements, looked awesome, and were competitively priced.  Things were looking up……..

Cutting it close, our family attended the fabulous Brooklyn Baby Expo a week before our trip.  Joovy was at the expo with all of their fabulous products and almost every stroller in their entire line.  If you are like me, I need to look, feel, and touch before I purchase.  I immediately spotted the “Too Fold” and strapped my daughter in and my son jumped on the back.  The ease at which we were able to wheel around seemed almost too good to be true.  The Too Fold offers a kick board for your older child to stand on.  If you need an actual seat for your child, then Joovy also offers a multitude of options.

I was torn…. I loved the sleek, smooth look and feel to the Too Fold, but wondered if my son would need to actually sit during a very long day at Disneyland.  He was pushing for the “Vary Light” which offers the seat, and my husband and I were leaning toward the Too Fold because it appeared smaller for travel reasons.

Joovy’s most experienced and knowledgeable brand rep, Pam Cosgove, took her time with us (even with the super busy expo going on) and explained and demonstrated in detail the primary differences.

Our Disneyland stroller turned out to be a bright yellow Joovy “Too Fold”.  The large duck bill visor was key to the bright California Sun and my son was happy he had a place to stand if his legs were tired.  Because my husband, @DadaRocks, was a conference attendee, I would be out and about on my own with both kids in Disney one day which I was somewhat concerned about.

I was not out of the airport at LAX when a  lady stopped me to ask “What is that”?  This would be one of many comments I would hear while strolling the Too Fold.  Let’s just say it is a show stopper!  People are first very thrown off because they have never seen a stroller like this and the nice bright color adds to the attention. Every time I am asked, I take my time and tell people the exact make and model and why I like the Too Fold so much.  Disney was a breeze and I am so happy my research paid off and we ended up with the perfect stroller for our family.  It easily folds and can stand upright by itself “without” tipping over!  Obviously as with any stroller there a learning curve, but once you have it mastered you’ve got it!

DSC_2419 DSC_2266

Back in NYC the Too Fold continues to be a favorite stroller. We took the Too Fold on a recent trip to Governor’s Island. A dad literally chased me down asking what kind of stroller it was.  As I said, I love telling people my great comments and make sure they can see the great options for their selves. The handle bars swivel to your desired height, the mesh seat liner is super comfy,  and I forgot to mention the kick board quickly folds away if you need a single stroller again. The Joovy Too Fold retails for $799

photo-29Because we are a family that can’t seem to stop collecting strollers, my son finally talked us into a stroller where he can sit just like his baby sister. We fell for it and ended up with the Joovy “Vary Light”.  This is also a fabulous stroller. It is more of a caboose style with a bench on the back for the older child to sit. My daughter loves the little snack tray up front and looks so cute going down the street. My son can take a load off even turn around to kiss his sister on the head! (yes that happened!)  The Joovy Vary Light retails for $499


In the end you have to decide what is the right fit for your family. Siblings closer together in age may be better suited for a Joovy option that allows them both to sit.  Otherwise the Too Fold is an excellent option for siblings further apart in age.

A double stroller is a great way to keep everyone together and connected! If anyone was wondering how I fared at Disneyland by myself with both kids and one stroller…. just magical!!!



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