Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – Evita on Broadway

Who was Eva Peron? A small town girl who became a Saint? For those who are curious and looking for a spectacular show, I have one word…EVITA!
Admittedly I was already obsessed and owned the soundtrack since college, so I was more than excited to go. Evita on Broadway is special for so many reasons…. 1) Ricky Martin, yes RICKY Martin! 2) Ricky Martin, oh wait I just said that 3) Yes…. Him again!
Ricky was cast perfect as the eyes and ears of the show … Narrating in song such a detailed story. The life of Eva Peron is brought to the stage by the fabulous Elena Roger who sings and dances her heart out night after night. Although, a tiny lady, she portrays this Argentine legend with such power in this amazing production. Everything about this show is top notch. The cast and ensemble are terrific too. This is a true Broadway performance with singing, dancing, and a little bit of everything.
Michael Cerveris who plays Eva’s husband is equally talented and delivers one strong number after another. An A list cast does not always deliver the best on stage, but in this case it does!
My only fault with this play was the end…. I needed a little more time to wrap up and mourn Eva’s passing but I do believe this is exactly as she would have liked it to end. Don’t cry for me Argentina.

Ring a Ding Ding is an exciting new children’s show on Broadway #newvic

I recently saw a fantastic Children’s show last week! Ring a Ding Ding is an exciting new show on Broadway straight from London.

The show starts in the great space, The New Victory Theater. The children are brought into a room in which they can design and color their own head bands to get ready for the show. The small cast of characters entertains the children and tries to get them acclimated for the show. There is a short discussion of the different elements and characters that will be seen in the show but nothing is too overwhelming. Keep I’m mind the proper age is 3-5, so it helps to be within this recommended guideline.

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Trendy Travel Event with Momtrends

I recently attended Momtrends Trendy Travel Event at the ultra cool kids space “Citibabes” in Soho.  It was a fun evening filled with travel tips, expert advice and the ultimate travel gear for families.  I considered myself a relative savvy traveler, but after the event I was amazed at all the new information and tips I acquired!  I am so excited to share my new knowledge 🙂 Continue reading Trendy Travel Event with Momtrends

Nespresso Takes Flight #coffeeconvo

If anyone has ever spent time in Europe, then you have probably returned to the US yearning for the fabulous “cafe” that is served on every corner.

Nespresso is an instant espresso that’s already taken Europe by storm and is now making it’s way to select cities in the US.

I had the opportunity to visit one of the newest outlets in the fabulous Nespresso SoHo Boutique lastweek. After being a devout tea drinker the past 5 years, I was a little nervous and scared by the big bold flavors that greeted me at the door. The space was incredible. Super tall ceilings and a gorgeous display of all 16 types of coffee pods, or “Grand Crus”. The bright bold colors of the pods add to the fun and sophisticated look of Nespresso. The machines are also brightly colored aside a stainless still which is so modern and fun for the kitchen.  Continue reading Nespresso Takes Flight #coffeeconvo