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Tati & Me: Clothing for the Spirited Girl

My 3 year old daughter Harper loves to wear dresses! Of course I would support her in whatever her clothing preferences are, but she is definitely a girly girl. I love to watch her try on a new dress and twirl around with excitement and joy. I can’t help but wonder what is going on in her big imagination. Continue reading Tati & Me: Clothing for the Spirited Girl

Telling stories with PaperGirl

When it comes to dressing my girls, I am always looking for something special and fun. I remember going into a store and picking out clothes at a young age. I loved things with designs and drawings and still remember a brightly colored dress with animals that really captured my imagination. Continue reading Telling stories with PaperGirl

Spring flowers with Pippa and Julie

After a very prolonged New York City Winter, I was thrilled to see the arrival of Spring flowers. Although we continue to still need a light jacket, I’m certain Spring is here to stay and Summer is just around the corner. I was thrilled to collaborate again with one of  my favorite girls fashion lines. Pippa and Julie is a mother and daughter duo that work closely together to make their line as fabulous as it can be. Pippa and Julie clothing truly makes me happy and I look forward to seeing their upcoming lines with so much anticipation. Continue reading Spring flowers with Pippa and Julie

Creating your Spring style with Kidpik

I recently discovered a super fun and easy way to shop for my little fashionista.  Kidpik is a new service that lets the special young lady in your life customize items that suit her style.

Let’s face it, every girl has her own style. Whether your little girl is a “girly girl” or more on the tomboy side or even a combination of both, Kidpik can help define a style that works. My 3 year old daughter, Harper, loves her dresses, but also likes to wear pants and jeans. She loves to sparkle and also doesn’t mind staying comfy at times. Continue reading Creating your Spring style with Kidpik

Fashion Friday with Marin + Morgan

It’s no secret I’m more than a little obsessed with finding my kids super stylish and fun outfits.  I am constantly looking, comparing, searching and eventually buying the next great thing. When I recently discovered Marin + Morgan, I felt as if someone had been inside my head and knew exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading Fashion Friday with Marin + Morgan