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PeuroBaby – Natural Baby Essentials

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a new baby! Parents want to make sure the baby has everything he or she may need and friends and family love to shower the expected parents to be with gifts and non essential items. I can remember myself and all the fun I had picking out items for my first son. Continue reading PeuroBaby – Natural Baby Essentials

Belvoir Lemonades & Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks

I recently attended a fabulous event at Caravan Studios in NYC and learned about some delicious new healthy snacks and beverages. As a mom I am on the constant lookout to find an alternative for me as well as my kids that I can feel good about!


Belvoir is a yummy new bubbly organic line of lemonade that is made from a refreshing blend of the freshest flowers, real pressed fruit juices and freshly cooked spices combined with sparkling water.  Belvoir lemonade makes a delicious alternative to a traditional sugary juice or soft drink and also can be used as a mixer for cocktails. Continue reading Belvoir Lemonades & Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks