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Ski Utah with your 5th or 6th Grader: Now’s The Time!

This past year our family made the brave decision to see what it could be like to become a “ski family”.  Living in New York City, there are plenty of nearby options to test out our thrill level and decide if this could be a good fit for our family. After a couple of ski trips, it’s official…. we’re going back for more! Continue reading Ski Utah with your 5th or 6th Grader: Now’s The Time!

Getting Holiday Ready with Momtrends

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very special and intimate Holiday Soiree dinner with Momtrends.  A group of lovely influencers gathered at the Sugar Cane Raw Bar Grill in DUMBO, Brooklyn and we all had many “Merry Merry” moments! Continue reading Getting Holiday Ready with Momtrends

After School with Instagram

Last week I was invited to attend an after school even with Instagram. Whatever plans I had quickly took a back seat when I received the invite….because INSTAGRAM!  NYC public schools started back the day before the event, so the topic of conversation seemed more relevant than ever! I, like so many parents have questions, concerns, thoughts and fears when it comes to monitoring social media for our kids. I was beyond excited to hear Instagram’s take on their own social platform. Continue reading After School with Instagram

Safely Getting Around the Big Apple with LYFT

Before having kids getting around New York City was a non issue. I would take the subway, hail a cab, or just walk the city blocks if I had extra time. As with everything, life changes and now I have 3 kids to also transport from one activity to the next. I learned really quickly that although it may be the safest option, car seats are not exactly light weight “or” convenient to lug around. Let’s not even get started on trying to install one on the fly in a NYC yellow cab. Nine years ago my husband and I safely brought our son home from the hospital in a NYC cab and I can honestly say, we never fully installed another car seat for a temporary cab ride around the city again. Continue reading Safely Getting Around the Big Apple with LYFT

How my baby #SleptLikeThis with Pampers Baby Dry

This post is in partnership with Pampers, all opinions are my own!

It’s hard to believe my kids have been using diapers for almost 10 years now. That’s right, an entire decade with no break in between three kids ages, 9, 4 and 2. I wouldn’t trade any of it and sadly our time will be up as our youngest will soon make the transition at some point. Until then, our tried and true brand of choice, Pampers, will remain with us. Continue reading How my baby #SleptLikeThis with Pampers Baby Dry