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FabKids – April Looks

I’m so excited to have recently discovered “FabKids!”  This is an online shopping site for children’s clothes.  You can personalize different looks for an outfit that is sure to make your child smile!

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Cuddl Duds & ClimateSmart – The “new” layering

When I recently came across the name “Cuddl Duds“, my ears perked up! I have been wearing and loving these warms layers since my mom would buy them for me growing up.  In my mind I have only known cuddle duds to be a very functional, wear only “under” clothes, or “sleep in” type of clothing on those freezing cold nights. I am here to tell you ……. not the case any more! Cuddl Duds has re-launchd their brand and image into a completely wearable, stylish, and amazing comfort loungewear line.  No need to hide any longer! Continue reading Cuddl Duds & ClimateSmart – The “new” layering