Feeling Magical with Dream Seekers

With a new school year just starting, we are hopeful this year will be full of new adventures and safely returning to our normal routines. My daughter had a rough time with the pandemic and learning remotely was not fun for her. We are so happy to be back to school in person and hope things don’t change. With the start of  a new school year, also comes a fair share of worries and concerns. Many of my daughter’s friends moved away during the pandemic and she still has a lot of uncertainty about the future.

I’m so excited to have recently partnered with Dream Seekers, from the Australian based toy company Moose Toys. These magical looking fairies are not only beautiful, but hold a very special message for our little ones. With three core dolls, plus a beautiful light up doll, there’s no shortage of magic to inspire my daughter! With such whimsical packaging it’s no wonder any child would be drawn to these adorable dolls.

You can think of the Dream Seekers as a modern day “rag doll” with their poseable long arms and legs. They have a screen printed face full of expression and are very detailed. Every Dream Seekers doll also comes with gorgeous long hair with individually designed hair ribbons. My daughter personally loves to dress her dolls up and down so I was happy to learn all of the stylish outfits are removable.

Bella, Hope, and Luna are the core Dream Seekers. Each doll includes 3 hair clips along with a comb to style their beautiful long hair! They also have colorful wings and as I already mentioned super fashionable outfits! Kids can pose and display Dream Seekers in the magical Moon Packaging which my own daughter loves to do!

Just like kids, the Dream Seekers also have unique personalities. Whether they are animal lovers, a dancer, or a confidence builder like Stella… she will stop at nothing until she reaches her dream. This is such a strong and powerful message for my own daughter to help encourage confidence in herself to achieve any dream she may have!

These dolls also have such fabulous individual styles! Whether Hope is paring a whimsical rainbow dress with sneakers or Bella is rocking a pom pom skirt, these girls know who they are! I’m lucky my own daughter also has an individual style that radiates through her personality. I love this trait and hope it never stops!

Stella is an extra magical Dream Seeker that lights up with the touch of her hand. Stella is a magical looking fairy that could easily be your child’s best friend because she has similar hopes and dreams. Stella lights up in five different colors, each with a special power to inspire your dreams.

The most magical thing about all the Dream Seekers is…THEY WILL KEEP YOUR DREAM SAFE AND WISH FOR IT TO COME TRUE. Within the beautiful dream packaging is a special play for a child to write their very own DREAMS! Thank you Moose Toys for creating such a meaningful toy for kids to play with to follow their dreams!   

Dream On,


This post was sponsored by Moose Toys.