Making Memories at Villa Roma Resort

Upon arrival at Villa Roma Resort,  I instantly knew we were going to have an incredible vacation! Getting out of the city is something we’ve tried to do often this summer, and this family friendly all-inclusive resort was the perfect destination for us. Located in the Catskill Mountains, Villa Roma was an easy drive from New York City and a scenic one too I might add!

Driving up to the picturesque grounds, my kids were screaming with excitement when they saw a zip line, playground area and more. The main lobby is stunning with a beautiful fountain outside. You can always find guests at any given time in this pretty area, whether waiting on a shuttle or just sitting near the calming fountain.

The rooms at Villa Roma Resort were very nice and plenty big for our family of five. We loved the sitting area,  kitchenette, and full size fridge. Many people stay for awhile so the rooms have exactly what you need for an extended stay.

At check-in we were given a daily activity sheet which had endless things to do. We kicked things off by visiting the pool and as you can imagine the kids had a blast! The pool area had a water slide for the big kids, splash pad area for the littles, and even an adults only area + more large pools the entire family could enjoy.

Dining together as a family is one thing we don’t do as often as we should. It’s such a special bonding experience and one we shouldn’t take for granted. The round tables at Villa Roma make sure everyone feels included and equally important. I can’t tell you what our dinner conversations were about but I can tell you we laughed to the point of tears and that’s enough for me! The food was delicious and the staff made us feel welcome and took care of our every need.

Mealtime was always fun and my youngest Harlow enjoyed herself a little too much at every chance she got haha. I loved seeing my kids get excited for something they’ve never tried before. My husband and I both loved our meals as well and since calories don’t count on vacation, we enjoyed every last indulgent bite!

As a family, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience so many unique actives, but sometimes it’s the good old fashioned fun that you remember. My kids have never tried bumper boats before and this was a highlight. They were in hysterics as we bumped into each other in the contained lake area.

Me and my son also went on the zip line.  I had more fun than he did going through the trees and over the lake. This was the perfect birds eye view of Villa Roma and I highly recommend it! Afterwards, we let the girls have fun at the play area until it was time for the next activity.

Running around in the fresh clean air is actually something we enjoyed the most! There are so many areas to walk (or run) around. After talking to many families during our stay, it’s clear what brings people back. Time Shares are a big thing at Villa Roma, and while you don’t have to stay that long….. you will want to! There’s so much to do and it’s good for all ages.

If outside activities aren’t your thing, it’s not a problem. There is a huge indoor facility with rock climbing, bouncy houses, soccer, bowling, and more! Once my kids discovered this area, it’s all they wanted to do. The girls really challenged themselves on the rock climbing wall and I was so proud of them both.

I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about Villa Roma Resort. Between the unlimited activities, nightly dance parties,  awesome food & fun…. we had a BLAST.  This resort really has it all and we feel so lucky to have discovered it.  Thank you for having us and we can’t wait to come back!