What a Royal Day!

Hello World,
It is my greatest thrill to announce the arrival of my new blog … “Gotham Love!” I have been going around and around trying to pick the best day to jump in and it hit me this morning (earrrrrly this morning).
Today would be the day.  Today is such a great day anyway.  It’s Friday, absolutely gorgeous outside, I have been living in the city 9 yrs on this day, AND It’s a Royal Day!

The purpose of my blog will be to discuss lifestyle trends in and around NYC.  Gotham Love will be all over the map which is pretty much how I live my life anyway! I can’t wait to discuss everything from secret city finds to restaurants and must have items of the season! I’ll also be randomly discussing headlines that hit me in the moment like today! As I just mentioned….. Gotham Love will not focus on any one topic so each post will be a total surprise!

Let’s go………. Continue reading What a Royal Day!