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Getting More with Michael Todd Beauty

The award-winning beauty brand, Michael Todd Beauty, was created to help consumers get “more” out of their skincare products. Their goal is to help increase the absorption of serums and moisturizers by creating a tool that combines 3 technologies. I’m personally a huge fan of serums and moisturizers and was so happy to partner with Michael Todd Beauty to try out their very popular Sonic Eraser Pro. Continue reading Getting More with Michael Todd Beauty

Caravan Stylist Studio

I recently visited the Caravan Stylist Studio at the beautiful Carlton Hotel in New York City.  I was treated to a special Mother’s Day event in which I was able to have my make up professionally applied by one of their extremely talented artists.  Afterwards I had professional photos taken with my 2 year old daughter.  It was a fabulous morning  and I was so excited to learn about the Caravan Stylist Studio. Continue reading Caravan Stylist Studio

Secret Extensions…. Why YES Please!

I recently attended an event hosted by the fabulous ladies at Hot Moms Club.  The event was for a new product that is coming soon to the marketplace and I have no doubt it will be all the rage! Hair extensions that do not require anything other than slipping a headband over your head. I could not wait to check this out! Continue reading Secret Extensions…. Why YES Please!