Secret Extensions…. Why YES Please!

I recently attended an event hosted by the fabulous ladies at Hot Moms Club.  The event was for a new product that is coming soon to the marketplace and I have no doubt it will be all the rage! Hair extensions that do not require anything other than slipping a headband over your head. I could not wait to check this out!

We were told to come to the event with our hair blown out and the rest would be in their hands. The wonderful staff at the Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa were so nice and helpful with the extensions we testing out.

After taking a before photo I sat down in the chair and let the stylist do the work.  I had originally asked for dark brown extrentions, and I was told medium brown would blend better. After seeing some different ideas I decided to go even a shade lighter to light brown and hopefully have more of an “ombre” look.

photo 1-3

The stylist decided I needed 2 headbands for extra fullness and he simply put the bands over my head and then pulled them up exactly like you would wear a headband. It was completely invisible and then he took wide tooth comb and started to pull out my hair over the headband to completely cover the headband.  This process took about 2 minutes. I then decided I wanted some loose curls and he took a curling iron and went over both my real hair and the extensions.  You can do anything to the extensions that you would do to your real hair…. it’s truly amazing! Below please see my pictures of before and after…

photo 1-4

photo 2-4

I admit I was skeptical.  When I hear the word hair extensions I immediately think $$$$ and 12 hours sitting in a chair . This is such a simple way to get the long full hair everyone wants without the expense. The best part is you can take it off at the end of the night by just pulling the headbands off.

I love the way you can create a side ponytail, a fuller up do, or just leave your hair down for a completely glamorous look! My husband was shocked when I came home! He could not believe how real it looked .

Secret Extensions are available in 11 salon inspired colors which means there is a color for everyone!

The retail price will be $39 + S&H. This is an amazing price point to get thicker, fuller hair in seconds!

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