Tati & Me: Clothing for the Spirited Girl

My 3 year old daughter Harper loves to wear dresses! Of course I would support her in whatever her clothing preferences are, but she is definitely a girly girl. I love to watch her try on a new dress and twirl around with excitement and joy. I can’t help but wonder what is going on in her big imagination.


I recently discovered a clothing brand called Tati & Me. This children’s wear company was started in 2011 in the corner of a kitchen and has now moved into a studio producing some of the most fantastic one of a kind dresses for ages 1-10.

img_4309 img_4695

The Portland based designer does not hold back when it comes to attention to detail. Each dress is a limited edition design and the hardest part is choosing which one to purchase. All dresses are made from 100% pre-washed fabric. It’s obvious the dresses are a labor of love because even the inner lining of the dresses are special and unique.

The playful pattern mixes are so fun and age appropriate. I love how each piece of fabric compliments the other and the bright colors are so catching.  My daughter gravitates to pink, and I love black and white so we can both be happy!


I can completely relate to the designers story as I to, once sat next to my grandmother as she sewed. It was so exciting when I was allowed to make a stitch. Having children’s definitely brings out a creative side to make something as beautiful as they are and I think Tati & Me is a perfect example.

Aside from the thoughtful quality and detail, the dresses are extremely comfortable and machine washable. I can already tell this will be one of Harper’s go to dresses and that’s fine with me!


All dresses are made in the USA and can be purchased at www.tatiandme.com . I am also offering my readers a very special discount until 3/15. Use code GOTHAM20 for a 20% discount off your first order.