Telling stories with PaperGirl

When it comes to dressing my girls, I am always looking for something special and fun. I remember going into a store and picking out clothes at a young age. I loved things with designs and drawings and still remember a brightly colored dress with animals that really captured my imagination.



PaperGirl designs are simple, beautiful, and imaginative. I was lucky enough to have met the talent behind these creative clothes and learned how each print is actually drawn by hand and then transferred to the natural cotton fabric either by embroidery or digital print. Each outfit is essentially wearable art as timeless childhood fantasies such as unicorns and butterflies come to life.


The collection is made up of 4 pieces that are both classic and at the same time completely modern. The A-dress, the X-dress, the B-blouse and BubbleShorts are all sized in a way that can grow with your daughter. The same pair of bubble shorts can fit my 12 month old as well as my 3 year old simply by adjusting a piece of hidden elastic. The collection is sized to fit girls 12 months to 6/7 years. Each piece is created from fabric of the highest quality 100% cotton from Japan and made in New York City.



My little daughter Harlow looks so sweet in her “Lunchtime” blouse and bubble shorts. The detailed quality of the shirt is simply in a class of it’s own. Everything from the little buttons in the back to the tiny pocket on the side is perfection.


Each PaperGirl illustrated outfit comes with its very own storybook. The storybook tells a wonderful non fiction tale about the illustration on the outfit. The storybook is such a fun idea to expand on the experience beyond the dress. Papergirl celebrates children with the hopes of sparking their imagination and creativity.



My daughter Harper really loves her Unicorn Wannabes  X-dress. The beautiful pencil and water color illustration is stunning and the colors are all so perfect for a summer outfit. I paired the light and comfortable bubble shorts with the dress to really allow her to run and play.



Ana Bianchi, the owner and founder of PaperGirl is truly a gift to the fashion industry and she is excited to share …”This collection of clothes is just the beginning, stay tuned and many more good things will come.”


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