Incredible Offers for Verizon’s Fios Home + Mobile Service

2020 will always be the year our lives have changed forever. We’ve had to completely adapt to a new lifestyle, which even now, changes almost weekly. I’ve never been so proud of my family for holding it together and making sure we all do what’s best for ourselves and each other. One thing that’s been our constant source of security has been our phones, computers and devices.

Living in NYC, we’re lucky to have Verizon Fios mobile + home service and it’s literally been our life line to the outside world. With five people in our home using the internet at the same time, we need the most reliable and fastest service to keep everyone connected. We’ve never had a problem dropping connections or running into internet speed issues with our Verizon fios service. Whether my 4 year old is attending a zoom birthday party, or My 7 year old is in her distance learning class, we all stay connected!

If you’ve been thinking about making a switch to Verizon, now is time to do so. Check out all these incredible deals here. With the holidays around the corner and travel plans canceled, our season may look different this year. As sad as it will be not to spend time with loved ones, at least we can see their faces and celebrate the holidays differently this year.

Just like we can always count on Family, we can also “always count on Verizon!” It’s the country’s most reliable wireless service and Fios is 100% fiberoptic, which means we can always count on it. As New Yorkers we always have options for everything which is nice, but having one reliable provider for both services for home and mobile just makes sense! With so much unpredictability these days, it helps to know we can count on Verizon to always had a great offer for us. Click here to see more.

There is truly nothing more important than staying connected to our friends and loved ones. Seeing them on our screen is far better than not seeing them at all. We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season however you may choose to celebrate.

Happy Holidays & xoxo,