Create your own unique stories with Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls

This is an #AD from Hasbro 

Every Disney Princess has a story- what’s yours?Parents- Hasbro has introduced an exciting new lineup of dolls and playsets. They are based on the classic Disney characters and franchises. The dolls are called the Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls. Although they are considered “classic” Disney Princess characters and the most iconic in the world, each still has their unique personality just like my own girls. My girls are so excited for these new dolls and have already started to create their magical moments with these fashion dolls. (The crown and notebook are not sold by Hasbro and were gifted to us in this special influencer box)

With Habro’s new line of Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls, your child can express and create their very own stories! The dolls have fun signature accessories and sparkly clothes making them both fashionable and fun! My girls, who are ages five and seven, can stay in their bedroom for hours on end creating their own stories. With these new dolls, I know they continue to make new memories by creating their own fairy tales. This kind of pretend play is priceless.

Hasbro has a princess for everyone in this collection because the product is suitable for ages 3 and up. Kids can collect their favorite Disney Princess characters with the DISNEY PRINCESS ROYAL SHIMMER FASHION DOLL assortment. The dolls available for purchase are ARIEL, RAPUNZEL, CINDERELLA, BELLE, AURORA, SNOW WHITE, TIANA, JASMINE, MULAN, POCAHONTAS, and MERIDIA. My girls are already having shimmering adventures with their dolls. My youngest daughter who is obsessed with all things sparkle, loves how each Disney Princess shines in an outfit that shimmers from the top of the bodice to the bottom of the little skirt. My girls combine some classic adventures from movies they know and make up the rest!

We all have a favorite Disney Princess character ( or two or three or four), and Hasbro has a Disney Princess for everyone in this latest collection. My girls know and love the classic tales, but it’s more fun to put their own spin to a new Disney-inspired story. They are using their own magic and creative side to decorate their own crowns that make them feel special. They also felt empowered and inspired to write themselves into their own fairy tale and celebrate what makes them unique.

Thank you to Hasbro for introducing this line of toys that lets kids express their own style and create their OWN STORY!

Approx. Retail Price: $9.99

Happy Holidays,