My Continuing Smile Journey with Park Avenue Orthodontics

I’m happy to announce my smile journey with Park Avenue Orthodontics is over 1/2 way complete! It’s really true what they say…”time flies”. I was hesitant the process would seem lengthy, socially hindering,  or even painful, BUT it’s been none of the above. I’m breezing through and can’t believe how far I’ve come. Very few people have even noticed I’m wearing clear aligners.

One of my favorite aspects of Invisalign has been the ability to be my own boss without frequent appointments. People comment often to me… “I’d really love to start Invisalign but I don’t have the time”. Well you’re in luck because guess what… ME EITHER! I’ve only been in the office a handful of times since I started the process. The primary reason for going in is so Dr. Janet Stoess Allen can check my teeth, bite, and also get my next round of trays. She’s a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider which means she’s certified to the highest level of expertise in non surgical treatment programs. I also love to go in just to say hello to the lovely staff who are all so kind, friendly, and professional.

When I first visited Park Avenue Orthodontics in August 2019 for my consultation, I really didn’t understand all the things that happened to my mouth between braces in middle school and now. It’s safe to say it was time for a tune up. The skilled team at Park Avenue Orthodontics made me feel so at ease through every step of the process and Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen customized my very own treatment plan.

When I visited the office in January, we added some spacers on my lower teeth to make room for my bottom row to straighten up. This has been the one area that’s taken the longest to shift, but I’m not worried at all. When I look back at older pictures, I can already see a world of difference. I’ve also seen remarkable progress in my jaw alignment which had been giving me pain for years. My bite is on the way to becoming 100% aligned and I can’t wait!

One lesson I’ve learned the hard way is Invisalign is about accountability! Your treatment plan will only work as good as what you put into it. My plan is to wear my aligners 20 hours a day. The idea is to take them out while eating, drinking, or before a special event.  You should always keep the clear aligners in a safe place when you are not wearing them and this is the part I completely fell through recently. I popped out my trays while snow skiing and folded them up in a napkin which I then accidentally tossed. I was really upset with myself for being so careless, but the team at Park Avenue Orthodontics handled it so kindly. Because I lost a few days in this current week, I ended up going backwards three weeks to make sure everything was good to go moving forward.

I’m currently on week 19 (again) and have approximately 10 more weeks to go. The amount of time I have left doesn’t bother me in the least, because I know how fast it goes. I’m already loving my new smile and can’t wait for it to get even better! If you’ve ever had any thoughts about starting your own smile journey I would highly recommend scheduling a FREE consultation with Park Avenue Orthodontics.

To be continued….