Momtrends Family Ski Weekend at Stratton Mountain Resort

This past weekend our family attended the 4th annual Momtrends Family Ski Weekend at Stratton Mountain Resort in Southern Vermont. It’s always an adventure for our family of five traveling anywhere and this was no exception. We loaded up the car with hats, gloves, ski coats, and anything else you can imagine three kids and two adults may (or may not need) for a ski weekend getaway.

I’m relatively new to this whole “ski family” situation, but after each trip I feel more comfortable with the process which can seem daunting in the beginning. Stratton Mountain Resort was around 4 and a half hours from our lower Manhattan residence. Believe it or not, we only stopped once for gas and minimal complaints from the kids. We’ve trained them well!  It’s a beautiful drive with lots of scenic mountain views and trees along the way.

Upon arrival at the Black Bear Lodge, we wasted NO TIME in securing our ski rentals for the next day. If there’s one thing I’ve learned (and learned the hard way), you do not want to be the parents in the early morning rush trying to get your kids fitted for ski boots, skis, and helmets. This can be a time consuming process due to long lines and can also add unneeded stress to any parent who is also planning to hit the slopes themselves.

I’ve found most resort rental shops are open late on Friday night. This was no exception at Stratton and there were plenty of helpful staff members available to help our family. Rental equipment gets a bad rap, but honestly I’ve never had too many problems. The biggest issue for me has always been finding ski boots that are comfortable (or as comfortable as ski boots allow) and the ones at Stratton were not only comfortable but I LOVED how stylish they were in all white. Nice!

My kids were so excited getting sized up and my youngest had a smile on her face from ear to ear trying on her skis. Our names were attached to the equipment and placed in a spot where we could easily pick them up the next morning. We decided to take our boots back to the lodge, because I find it’s easier to get them on in the room the next morning vs. the rental center.

Our accommodations at the Black Bear Lodge were very pleasant! The rooms were a nice size and everyone had enough space to spread out. In all honestly, we a family used to living in a tiny space so getting away for us is extra exciting ha! We were greeted by a warm welcoming gift backpack full of delicious snacks, cozy stuffed animals and more! Thank you Stratton!

This is my third ski season with my family. On one hand it feels like we have been skiing forever, and on the other hand I feel like I’m just getting the hang of things. One thing I’ve noticed about these ski trips, is they take a certain amount of effort and dedication to handle all the moving parts. The kids have to be dressed and ready by a certain time for drop off at Ski School. My 3 kids are also on 3 different levels, so naturally that means three different locations. With the help of my husband on this trip, we got everyone where they needed to be on time!

I credit our timely arrival to the Black Bear Lodge shuttle service. There was an excellent and efficient shuttle service that picked us up at the hotel door and dropped us off at the village. I wish more ski resorts would implement a service like this.

The Stratton Resort ski village is so charming. There are amazing restaurants, shops, and cute areas to relax around a fire pit. We loved taking it all in and walking around when we were taking a break from skiing. You can easily get sucked into the ski life in a place like Stratton which is so inviting at every turn. I loved everything about this place from the very start!

Once the kids were all checked into ski school, I quickly got my gear and joined my fellow influencer friends for our own fun on the mountain. The warm weather certainly added to the positive vibe of this trip. It was on average around 50 degrees most of the weekend! For January in Vermont, this is unheard of.

Since this was my first time on skis this season, I wanted to take things slow for the first run down the mountain.  I’m always holding my breath it seems as I go down, but I’m proud to admit that somewhere in the day, I was able to “BREATHE” and just enjoy!

I honestly love my time on the mountain more than I can put into words. Although snow skiing can be challenging, it’s a personal journey and no two runs are alike!  When I asked my son what his favorite part of the weekend was he said “skiing with friends”. I can agree with him, this was one of my highlights as well. These annual ski trips give us moms who already have so much in common, a chance to step away from our daily grind and focus on something other than our computer or phone. These have been some of my greatest memories so far and I look forward to creating more!

It’s typically easy enough to check in on your kids progress at Ski School. At Stratton, the kids area is visible from the main mountain and I loved being able to peek in.  I personally try to stay out of sight for most of the day so I don’t intterupt the flow or have a kid who starts clinging to me before class is over. This was the first time my 4 year old really enjoyed herself! She had a huge smile on her face the entire day! I’m thrilled she’s on her way and I can’t wait to watch her progression.

My 6 year old made huge strides last season and this season I was surprised that she started out again at a beginner’s level. I was reassured this was completely normal and by the end of the day, I’m happy to report I saw her going down the big mountain with her ski instructor.

My 11 year old son had a great ski weekend and continues to love his time on the mountain. I really appreciate how his ski instructor at Stratton took the time to fill me in on the day and didn’t hold back on certain ups and downs. As he said, it’s all part of learning!  This was, however, the first time my son felt like he odd one out since most of his group was snowboarding and he was on skis. He’s debating giving snowboarding a try and as long as he’s happy it’s fine with me!

Reuniting after a day of skiing is always a happy moment! Everyone is super proud of their accompaniments and it’s written all over their face! My girls acted like they’d been separated 7 years instead of 7 hours. I’m seriously so proud of all three of my kids and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

Stratton Mountain Resort hosted a beautiful dinner for us after our day of skiing. It was the perfect opportunity to hear more about this amazing ski resort, catch up with everyone, and just unwind. The food was outstanding and proves my theory that meals in Vermont are always delicious with such fresh local fare. The kids were happily content with their own table activities and also chatting to Nicole about their day. Spoiler Alert: It was awesome!

Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends states that some of her most memorable family bonding moments have been on the slopes. She says “it’s the perfect way to unplug  and reconnect.” I couldn’t agree more and have been doing my best to follow her example. Thank you to Momtrends for giving me the confidence I need by reassuring us that skiing is such a fun family activity.

Stratton Mountain Resort really impressed me with their knowledgeable staff, impressive dining hall, short lift lines, and family friendly atmosphere. The kids all had such a wonderful weekend as did the adults!

Stratton offers so many activities for families such as ski, snowboard, snow tubing, snowshoe or cross-country ski. There is also a Fitness and Training Center with a saltwater pool! We had the best weekend and were all winners! Thank you Momtrends and Stratton Mountain Resort for our first ski weekend of the season!