Must-Have Products for Kids

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.

I recently had the opportunity to work with BabbleBoxx to review some exciting kid must-have products. This included everything from toys, glasses, personal hygiene items and more! This “Kids Health, Learning and Play” partnership let me in on some amazing products for kids and I can’t wait to share!

With the current climate, all parents are concerned with keeping their kids safe and at the same time making sure they are still happy and comfortable. Funkins has some great products for kids ( & adults too!) . I love the Funkins Lunch Bags. They are made out of a durable material that is reusable and machine washable, not to mention being insulated too! Regardless if our kids are in school or having lunch on the go, we will be using these all year long. Bonus- these lunch bags are super roomy for extra yummy snacks!

Face Masks are going to be a priority this year. With 3 kids, we’ve learned that one size does not  fit all, and luckily Funkins has a few different styles to choose from here. There are both adult and kid sizes to choose from and we love the cute patterns. The NON-MEDICAL grade masks are washable and very comfy with adjustable ear loops and made from 2 layers of soft cotton.

Spending so much time at home, it’s no secret a family can go through plenty of disposable items. I love the Funkins reusable cloth napkins and placemats to help keep mealtime cleaner and greener. My daughters especially love the fun patterns.

Use code Babble2020 for 25% off lunch bags and napkins/placemats sets through September 15th, 2020.

Whether we end up having  in-person or distance learning,  all our kids will need a little time to unwind and have fun. Thank you to SpinMaster for creating the Grouch Couch board game that can be fun for the whole family. My kids can’t wait to see who can collect the missing toy from Grouch Couch and be the player with the most missing tokens to win the game!

The Grouch Couch from Spin Master can be found at Target and Walmart.

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I have officially have a “tween!”.  My son recently turned 12 and with that comes  a new territory for us parents. There are things he suddenly needs like deodorant and a stronger shampoo and conditioner that controls oil. I’m so happy to learn about TBH Kids. This company really understands growing bodies and only uses natural ingredients. You will not find any harsh chemicals in their good-for-you ingredients. TBH deodorant is made from a blend of charcoal, arrowroot powder, and coconut + other things you can pronounce. My son especially loves that the TBH shampoo and conditioner doesn’t smell extra fruity like a lot of adult shampoos.

Receive 15% off site wide with discount code: TBH4me– the minimum purchase amount has to be at least $10.00

Let’s face it, social media is not going away anytime soon. My girls will have so much fun creating their own colorful video content with InstaStudio Hands-Free Station from WeCool Toys/Compound Kings. Perfect for ages 4 and up, now kids can mix their own slime, film it, and post it! This awesome toy comes with 3 scented compounds with glitter, mix-ins, backgrounds and more! It’s easy to use and gives kids the ultimate hands-free video recording and best angle set up so they can create their own VIRAL video. I can see the likes going up already……

You can shop The Insta Studio at Target.

With screen time increasing due to distance learning,  it’s important we protect our kids eyes. Thank you to Zenni eyewear for creating stylish frames and blue light glasses for kids. We received the round tortoiseshell glasses which are part of the Style Squad line of fashionable eyewear for kids. Designed for all day comfort, they are made from lightweight, hand-polished acetate and are complete with spring hinges and flexible temple tips. Our Zenni Blokz lens are designed to block harmful UV and blue light to help protect young eyes from digital eye strain. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause blurred vision and disrupted sleep.

MyWish4U Lunch Notes from Me! Slip one of these super unique 4″x 4″ tear-off notes in your kids lunchbox and be the best parent ever! Other ideas include using them during a long car ride, mealtime, or just because! The thoughtful messages can brighten up a child’s day and lets them know you are thinking about them. Let’s face it, life can get busy but these little reminders are the perfect solution and inexpensive too! They are only $4,99 for 101 unique MyWish4U Lunch Notes. You can find cool facts & jokes, riddles & giggles, or wacky facts & laughs. There are also blank ones to create your own special message.

MyWish4U or Shop IN-STORE at Target

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about all these great products that are perfect for kids health and learning and play!