Coding for Kids with Juni Learning

It’s no secret my kids are growing up in a different world and I couldn’t be happier. Because of technological advancements, there are so many more opportunities to take advantage of. Some things have not changed, which is a need for after school and/or summer activities. Yes, kids still have access to sports, books, and music but now they also can have CODING with Juni Learning.

Juni Learning offers kids private online coding classes and I recently tested it out with my eleven year old son. Juni Learning is taking the initiative by prepping kids for real life problem solving and figuring out things for theirselves. I’m so happy my son was equally as excited about the program as I was.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the first thing about coding. I was not exposed to it in school or college and my degree didn’t require me to learn. I’ve always been fascinated with this unfamiliar computer language and I’m so proud my kids’ public school is already teaching the basics.

I recently partnered up with Juni Learning which is an online coding program that offers kids ages 5-18 a full computer science curriculum. This is really amazing for parents who are looking for alternatives to traditional programs for their kids. Juni Learning allows kids to attend a virtual class in the comfort of their home with a private teacher. This is also perfect for parents eliminating the need to get your child to and from  a physical location and scheduling is easily managed online.

Once my son was assessed during a free trial, he was placed in a course appropriate for his experience level. I’ll admit I was impressed with how much he already knew from his school and was really excited to see him improve his coding knowledge with Juni Learning.

Juni Learning offers a core curriculum which covers the programming languages Python and Java. There are additional coding courses offered in web programming and app development which include HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Each course typically takes 3-6 months and believe it or not Juni covers up to college-level topics in algorithms and data structures.

If this sounds too complicated to understand as a parent like myself, not to worry! Juni Learning hires students from the top tier universities around such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford just to name a few! The Juni Team includes over a 100 instructors who have all been vetted for their teaching experience and subject matter expertise.

My son was first matched with a trial instructor who really paired well with his currently knowledge and personality. She took the time to explain things to him and together, they worked through the problems. The instructor also gave encouragement and motivated my son to think for himself to find a solution.

Each online class is approximately 50 minutes which is a perfect amount of time to learn at a moderate pace and not feel rushed. Classes are offered during the week as well as weekends. My son really enjoyed taking the class later in the evening after his school activities were done.

Because this is an area even above mom’s head, I wanted my son to put into words how the Juni Learning experience was for him and this is what he said:

The classes were amazing for someone who is new to python, which I was. Right off the bat they taught me how to make turtles, basic shapes, colors, loops. And filling the lines and shapes and other corespondent things like turtle pen up and turtle pen-down. Both classes were taught by coders who go to top colleges and have been learning and studying coding for most of there lives, all the instructors were patient, nice, and very informative. And from what I saw, there is a TON of learning material on the website, meaning there are a ton of things you can practice and master. All and all it was a great experience and I cant wait to see what’s in store for me and my lessons.

Students  can attend classes once or twice a week with a private instructor. The best part about this programming class is kids can literally take it anywhere around the world including 38 states, 10 countries and growing. My son had a very strong connection with his instructor and I’m sure other kids create the same bond.

To learn more visit Juni Learning.