Super Soccer Stars – Building Confidence & So Much More!

From a very young age parents often wonder right away what kind of activities will their child be best suited for. Will it be music, sports,  dance, tumbling? Living in NYC, we are lucky enough to have access to many unique kids’ activities and also more common sports-related ones such as soccer.

On any given warm day, I can walk around the New York City  and notice a group of kids in a sports field with the the infamous Super Soccer Stars balls. The kids always seem to be having a great time and it’s clearly very organized by the staff.  However, the cold weather doesn’t stop Super Soccer Stars from holding class and kids can still take advantage of this awesome program indoor.

I recently “very casually” asked my two girls ( ages 4 & 6), if they would be interested in trying out a soccer class and both enthusiastically answered YES! The next steps were easy, just click here to enter your zip code and find the class closest to your home or elsewhere if need be. Keep in mind classes are offered across the U.S.! You will find a generous amount of class times, locations and days available that suits your schedule. If weekends work best for your child, there are plenty of options.

Upon arrival to our first class, the girls found it fun we were going into a different school than their own. Many Super Soccer Stars classes are held in local school gyms in the colder months, making it convenient and easy to play in a nice and warm environment. My 6 year old daughter immediately warmed up to the instructors and rhythm of the class. My youngest daughter decided to be more of a spectator during class and observed everything from the sidelines.

The class begins with a warm up and drills that allow the kids to learn or improve on their soccer skills. As a reminder, this was my daughter’s very first time taking a soccer class, and I was thrilled to see she wasn’t intimidated or scared to jump right in with the help of the coaches.

The coaching staff really impressed me! We all know it can be challenging enough teaching kids, not to mention a group of kids running around a gym. The coaches taught with a perfect combination of humor and a necessary instruction style which my daughter responded excellent to, as did the other kids!

A Super Soccer Stars class is high energy which is perfect for kids who need an outlet to release energy and run around in a safe environment. We all know NYC city kids struggle with this and I could tell my daughter was enjoying her class time immensely. It was also clear she was gaining self confidence by watching the ball go in the right direction or when the coach would give her praise for a job well done. She was also cracking up at their sometimes “silly” teaching style that really resonated with the kids and helped them to remember the correct way to master a particular soccer skill.

The class was structured and every 10-15 minutes they would break and change directions to practice something new. This was all in preparation to the big lead up of a soccer game at the endow class.  The kids were split into two teams and they were clearly excited for this final game.  I was blown away by the excitement and energy of the kids. I’ve actually never seen my daughter in such a self- competitive mode and it was amazing! Each team would scream with happiness if a goal was scored and even the parents were rallying as well from the side lines.

If you are looking for an after school or weekend activity for your child, Super Soccer Stars will provide an excellent opportunity. The classes help build self-confidence & encourage teamwork. The classes are also fairly priced which is a huge! Aside from weekly and weekend classes, Super Soccer Stars offers camps, and birthday parties. Super Soccer Stars is great for both boys and girls and allows kids to have the best time in a non-competitive environment.

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