Smiling again with Park Avenue Orthodontics

From an early age in life I had a hard time loving my smile. My front two teeth came in with a giant space in the middle, which gave me anxiety and an unwillingness to show my teeth. Luckily, my parents were able to get braces for me which changed my situation, but now I’m finding myself once again needing orthodontic treatment as an adult. I know I’m not alone and many people my age are looking for solutions for a straighter smile.

Now that I have kids of my own who will soon need braces, I’ve decided to put myself first (without guilt) with the goal of loving my smile again. With age comes a lot of changes we all know too much about. Teeth are the one thing you can’t control yourself, and it’s time I find a solution for my shifting smile. As a NYC lifestyle influencer, I’m constantly the subject of my own content and need the assurance to make sure my smile is 100%. In the past several years, it’s become clear that once again I need BRACES!

I was instantly intrigued by all the commercials and ads for clear aligners. There are several different companies that offer this service and I spent time researching, reading reviews, joining FaceBook forums and trying to educate myself about the pros and cons. I also started the process with my own dentist a couple of years ago, but got cold feet worrying about their knowledge of aligners. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Park Avenue Orthodontics and I’m proud to report my smile journey is in progress with Invisalign!

My partnership with Park Avenue Orthodontics began at the end of the summer when I met the team and Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen. Located on a charming block on the Upper East Side, this Park Avenue location was really easy to find. At one point in my life I tried to make appointments close to my current zip code, but now have learned it’s better to travel to the best providers!

I instantly knew I was in the best hands at Park Avenue Orthodontics. Upon entering their inviting space, I was greeted by Dana, their warm and friendly treatment coordinator, and escorted to an exam room. Park Avenue Orthodontics uses only the latest technology to ensure their patients receive the best care. Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen is a Platinum Plus Invisalign provider. This means her experience and expertise makes Park Avenue Orthodontics a great choice to start your Invisalign journey.

Dr. Stoess-Allen uses iTero®, which is a special digital scanner used to create a custom 3D representation of the exact positioning of each tooth. Unlike traditional molds, this technology is very precise and allows you to see faster results with fewer office visits. After my X-rays and 3D scans, (which took minutes), I had an in depth conversation with Dr. Stoess-Allen herself. I felt so “at ease”, after she assured me that all of her patients are truly “lifetime patients.” There is no one size fits all, and she customizes each patient with the best treatment plan for a perfect smile.

My treatment plan is estimated to take 18-20 months. Of course, this ultimately depends on ME and how diligent I am about wearing my clear aligners. I have crowding on my lower teeth, an overbite, overjet, and skeletal problems in which my top arch is too narrow for the bottom arch. This may sound complicated, but the team at Park Avenue Orthodontics made me feel so comfortable and confident everything will be taken care of.

Once I received the call that my Invisalign clear aligners were in, I wasted no time in getting back to the office. I was seen by the in-house dental assistant who was so amazing in making sure I was comfortable with my “new normal” Invisalign routine. As a mom of three, I’ve encountered many new situations and lifestyle changes so surely I could handle this!

The trays are really easy to snap into place. I didn’t have any problem with this, but the rubber bands I needed to wear were giving me some issues at first. The first week was a little tough between me and my mouth adjusting. In the beginning I felt as if everyone may notice my aligners or possibly tell that my speech was slightly altered but in fact, hardly ANYONE has noticed!

As with anything, Invisalign takes a little getting used to, but with this modern option available to straighten my smile, I’m committed to making this change for myself! I am currently checking in with the team at Park Avenue Orthodontics every 3-6 months and look forward to my next appointment to see the progress. In the meantime, I’ve installed the Invisalign app on my phone to keep track of wear time (20 hours daily) and upload photos of my teeth to document the journey.

If you are considering straightening your smile and looking for an alternative to traditional braces, I would highly recommend contacting Park Avenue Orthodontics here.

Stay tuned for updates on my Invisalign journey.