Arctica- The best winter gear that will change everything!

This past Spring, I went on a girl’s ski trip to Big Sky, Montana. Aside from the incredible time we had, I also was well prepared on the mountain for the first time ever. I’m a relatively new skier and finding my footing as been trial and error to say the least. My first experience on a mountain in the NE area resulted in a rush online order for ski pants and layers upon layers of anything I had in my closet that would keep me warm. I have to chuckle now because after my experience with Arctica, I understand the difference in quality gear.

The Packet Jacket from Arctica is a game changer. I was slightly concerned because the jacket seemed extremely lightweight and also was not generous in the overall cut, but I threw caution to the wind and only packed the one “Packet” Jacket and one pair of ski pants (also from Arctica). Would I be warm enough? Would I stay dry? Should I take up 1/2 of my suitcase and pack another ski jacket? These are all the questions I had to ask myself.

Let me begin by saying The Women’s Classic Down Packet will be your new best friend! It will save you a ton of room when packing, and also look great on the mountain in the stylish colors available. There’s a huge pocket on the back on the jacket and when not in use, the entire jacket can actually fold up into this pocket. The jacket can then easily be stored OR used as a handy pillow for a power nap.

One of my biggest fears is to be freezing cold on the mountain. No one wants to be shivering while they are trying to enjoy snow skiing or other cold weather activities.  With my past ski jackets, I’ve layered a thermal, fleece and often an additional lightweight down under one coat to stay warm. There’s no need for this nonsense with The Classic Down Packet from Arctica. The first day I did layer both a thermal + fleece, but quickly shedded the fleece and I stayed toasty as ever in cold conditions.

Other things I love about the Classic Down Packet are all of the sleek features. The jacket has adjustable velcro cuffs and an adjustable hem. I was able to fit my phone, personal items, and lift tickets securely in the zippered compartments. There are also two zippered hand warmer pockets which are so handy. Because I love to take photos on the mountain, it was no problem to take my phone in and out of my front pocket. Also, because the jacket is meant to fit snugly, there’s no extra bulk which means things will not shift around when you move.

The Women’s Classic Down Packet fends off moisture with DURALITE shell and lining. I also stayed  nice and dry even with multiple spills on the mountain (which I still have ha!). It’s interior is made from a 650-fill power Goose Down resulting in a very warm jacket and just to mention all geese are used for food consumption + no feathers are ever plucked live.

Aside from amazing jackets for men and women, Arctica also makes a premier performance women’s pant. I wore The Arctica Speedster Side Zip Pants and loved how they moved. They were extremely comfortable, lightweight, and had all the necessary compartments I needed and more! They are insulated with HEAT40 which is a synthetic insulation for warmth and are made from a stretch waterproof/breathable fabric called FLEX10 which is Arctica’s exclusive fabric for durability and comfort. There are two exterior zippered hand warmer pockets and full length side zips for quick removal.

Breathability is so important in a ski or speed skating pant. The Arctica Speedster Side Zip was the perfect pant for me on our day of Nordic skiing at the Lone Mountain Ranch. Under the hot sun and high elevation, I unzipped the sides on the pants for some badly needed coolness. Everything about these pants are comfortable including the adjustable waist. They also come with suspenders which I didn’t use but I’m sure would be comfortable. I will mention, the pants were slightly short on me. I’m 5’10” so it’s not surprising but this was my only complaint. The nice, slim fit made up for it though!

Aside from warm jackets and pants, we can’t forget about our necks and head! I love the soft and sleek neckwarmer from Arctica. The thin lightweight material actually works harder than it looks. Your next will stay protected from the elements and stay out of the way when you need it to. Also, their beanie which is also made from micro polyester fabric is great for providing shelter from the elements.

Arctica has really changed the way I think about winter gear and I can’t wait to wear my jacket and pants and other items in less than 2 months! I’m really proud to be on track to improving my ski game and having the right gear is equally as important!

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This Arctica Women’s  Review feature is sponsored by Arctica.