Feeling Fit with P.Volve

Living in New York City, I feel so lucky to have such a large selection of specialty fitness classes available. We live in a world that keeps evolving with the latest and greatest workout techniques and it’s a good reminder to get out there and try something new! Recently I attended an event at P.volve hosted by Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City to celebrate their new studio opening. Located in the heart of SoHo, P.Volve is a fitness class that’s designed to help you find the best body and “live your best life!”

Due to a hip injury, my go-to workout of running on a treadmill while watching TV has gone out the window. While I’ve been out of commission with high impact exercise, I’ve experience a whole new world exists without pounding my feet and stressing out over numbers on a screen.  While I enjoy the thrill of the intensity and pushing my limits, my body has decided at the moment to tell me it’s time to slow down.

P.volve is a low- impact ( & celebrity obsessed) fitness method workout that tones, sculpts, and energizes the body using proprietary equipment. Everything was set up and ready for us upon arrival to the studio and based on the instructors incredible physique, I was excited to get started!

I’ve always been fitness obsessed and love the idea of being able to change your own body with diet and exercise. There are no short cuts in life and you get out of it what you put in. I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle from a young age and would even have my mom drop me off at the roller skating rink in my hometown to do “Jazzercise” with other work-out crazed people.

The P.volve method works for any body shape, and any fitness level. Because it’s low-impact, it’s easy on your joints and I only had one issue with pain management at the end of class in which I altered my position. As with any first time class, there’s always a fear it will be A) too hard B) too fast paced C)difficult to complete. At no point did I feel as if I could not keep up and there was always help nearby if someone was having difficulties.

Being thin is not enough as a mom. We must also be “strong” to keep up and get more out of everyday life. P.volve brings a noticeable boost to your overall health, wellbeing, and most importantly confidence. I always feel better after I exercise and P.volve worked all the areas, including those hard-to-reach muscles. I didn’t leave the class sore and unable to move which was great, but I definitely felt stronger.

Being committed to yourself is undeniably important. There is no reason to apologize for self-care and if a loved one or someone close by is not on board, don’t modify your healthy lifestyle. Like anyone, I go through ups and downs with exercise but in the end try to find something that works. The P.volve method focuses on eliminating bulk, and creating a beautiful shape with definition (yes please!). Results can be more defined thighs, a higher butt, and a stronger core. I don’ know about you, but I need all of these things!

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Thank you again to SITC and P.volve for an amazing workout!

Photos:  Courtesy of Lauren Kara Photography