Getting crafty with a Moms’ Night Out

Last week I attended the 4th annual Momtrends  Moms’ Night Out in collaboration with Meredith Publications in New York City. It was a fun night filled with delicious food, crafting, laughter, and catching up on the best products to simplify a mom’s busy life! We all enjoyed our time mingling and catching up and of course checking out the latest issues of Parents and Parents Latina magazine. It was a fun filled night and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

I started the evening at the Parent’s food crafting station. There are so many amazing Halloween food crafting ideas in their latest issue. These are all really simple ideas and I would have honestly never thought about using these items as part of a spooky crafting project. Kids will have so much fun making their own marshmallow skewer with eyes ( the trick is to use peanut butter instead of glue) or a scary spider with pretzel legs.

Parents Magazine really knows how to make the most of creative DIY activities. How fun are these Halloween Smoothies? The ingredients are so simple and kids ( and adults) will love the finished product!

The first step for crafting should always be “cleaning”. I keep a container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes nearby at all times! It’s so easy to wipe down any space in a hurry. I have them in multiple rooms of our apartment and am constantly cleaning up a table, or workspace. We all know life can be MESSY and lucky for us, Clorox wipes are available to help tackle our spills and messes. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes kill 99% of germs and bacteria which mean parent’s don’t have to worry as much about the countless nasties that my be lurking about. We can all agree that when a child’s workspace is clean, the more productive and creative they can be!

I had the best time crafting a snow globe at the Moms’ Night Out and with Clorox on hand, I didn’t have to worry about any glitter spills or glue that just may have ended up all over my hand!

Alchemologie was on hand to make sure us Moms smelled as lovely as we looked ha. I had the best time making a DIY custom perfume at the Fragrance Bar. I gravitated towards stronger notes like Sandalwood and ultimately named my take home perfume bottle “Harper” after my daughter who LOVES perfume.

Although I no longer have a little baby at home, I can appreciate the effort brands like Dove make to ensure our babies skin stays protected and nourished. Did you know that babies are actually born with a living protective microflora on their skin, known as a microbiome? The microbiome is unique to each baby and works to maintain skin’s health while also helping with the skin’s natural protection.

Baby Dove is made with a unique prebiotic moisture and 100% skin-natural nutrients to gently nourish your baby’s delicate microbiome.

Keeping your baby’s skin like they were born with is importation to us all and rest assured Baby Dove will keep it this way.

Thank you to Meredith Publications and Momtrends for a wonderful Moms’ Night Out! With the holidays ahead and busy season, it’s always good to have the latest mom hacks in our corner!