Back to School with Bixbee

With the start of another school year around the corner, we have already been thinking about the essentials. The first thing that always comes to mind is finding the perfect backpack and lunchbox. Of course each year as the kids grow and change, their needs become different but one thing remains… it must be exciting enough to last an entire school year!

I recently partnered with Bixbee, a company that makes the most stylish collection of backpacks for kids. I have been a fan for years and love that they have so many unique styles to choose from. I’m a believer in letting my kids choose the backpack. It’s so cute to see what they select which describes their personality!

Bixbee creates backpacks, duffels and lunchboxes. I love how lightweight they are which makes it easy for little ones to carry all their favorite items but not get weighted down with extra bulk. They are designed to be ergonomic as well as fashionable and are perfect for kids of all ages! With contoured air mesh adjustable shoulder straps the horizontal load is evenly distributed.

Of course Bixbee bags don’t have to be just for back to school. They are perfect for any occasion including a vacation bag, after school activity bag, or simply any reason where a child would need to pack their belongings. My kids always take a bag with them wherever they go, packing up their favorite things.

Bixbee has so many different styles and offers three different sizes and are free of PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead free. They also contain an ID card holder, pockets for supplies, reflective accents that provide low lightly safety and visibility, side pockets as well as reinforced base and corners. The patented horizontal backpack is specifically designed to keep weight above waist level.

My girls of course are crazy about the sparkle. All the colors are so fun and whimsical and the butterfly wings really has my daughter excited for school! Harper selected the gold Sparkalicious Butterflyer this year and I think it really suits her personality.  She is all about the sparkle, shimmer and shine so this is perfect for her. i know she will spread her wings this year and I look forward to watching her transformation. The matching sparkalicious lunchbox is equally adorable and the perfect size for her school lunch.

My younger daughter loves unicorns and the Unicorn Backpack and lunchbox is perfect for her! They also offer the pair in a bundle. Her favorite part is the golden horn and I love the iridescent sparkle which makes this style so mystical and magical. Again, I also love how lightweight Bixbee bags are for little ones combining functionality with fashion.

Bixbee’s unique backpacks and accessories have helped create a movement with a “One Here, One There” social mission. Their thoughtful mission provides school supplies to a child in need for every backpack purchased.

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