The World is Her Stage with The Singing Machine

My kids have always loved performing. Granted, they are  more comfortable in the privacy of our home and I am always amazed at the cute shows they will put on for our Family. It’s hard to resist singing into a microphone and we have many different handheld versions, however, most have been damaged or broken over the years and no longer work. I was so happy to recently have the chance to review The Singing Machine, the award-winnding leaders of in home-karaoke, has now made it easier for you and your kids to bring the party with them anywhere they go!

My daughter was instantly drawn to The Singing Machine‘s Mood LED Glowing Bluetooth Sing-Along Speaker. She wanted to get started right away but it takes some adults help to first download the free Singing Machine Kids music app. There are endless songs available on the app but it was no surprise she wanted to hear “Let it Go” on repeat. I could listen to her sing all day so Frozen wins.

I loved watching my daughter’s face light up and it’s proven that music helps children improve their overall confidence, linguistic processing, and promotes brain and body wellness. The Singing Machine [amazon] has several child friendly features that are easy to use and the LED lights can even function as a night light!

The Singing Machine [amazon] is recommend for children ages 6 and up. However, my daughter is only 5 and still loves the endless hours of fun this karaoke machine provides. It comes in 3 different color combinations which are Blue/Green, Pink/Purple, and Purple/Blue.

If you have a child that enjoys performing with their bestie or sibling I would recumbent purchasing an additional microphone. There are 2 microphone jacks on The Singing Machine, but only one microphone is included. Otherwise the kids will have to take turns.

You can purchase The Singing Machine on Amazon.

Although I received this product for review, all opinions expressed are my own.