Redefining small spaces in style with DHP Furniture

I’ve  now been living in a small space in New York City for 16 years. My first apartment was a true studio apartment which is code for one small room. I’m now living in a Loft space which is also code for one room, but fortunately we have some extra space to section out rooms for our family. The high ceilings also help us feel less cramped and believe it or not none of our three kids have ever told us they would like a bigger apartment. Whew!

My husband and I are probably the ones it gets to the most. Both of us were raised in a traditional home and on any given day we can easily become provoked by not having enough space.  However, at the end of the day there is no other place we had rather come home to and I’ve heard from multiple families in their big suburban homes, that everyone ends up in the same room anyway!

If anyone has been a city dweller for any amount of time, you know the drill for shopping for small pieces of furniture. You bring your tape measure, set realistic goals, and hope for the best! When my husband and I were initially looking for furniture as a first time newlywed couple, he couldn’t resist the 3 piece Sofa, Loveseat, and Recliner deal. I was so sick of looking around for furniture that I caved and have regretted this moment over and over in my mind! Ha!

Recently I had the opportunity to partner with Dorel Home Products (DHP). DHP is the place to go for all small space living furniture which includes futons, mattresses, beds, kids furniture, and dining tables. They understand that just because you need small furniture, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. They have so many options on their website and I literally got lost for hours researching all of the various products. Of course I still had my tape measure out, but let’s be real… if it’s too big in a NYC apartment, there’s no wiggle room.

DHP also designs furniture that is multi-functional. For instance, the ottomans, and sectionals often have hidden storage compartments. They truly are redefining small spaces with big ideas that are also high quality and affordable. Whether you are looking for trending designs or classic pieces, you can find it at DHP.

With 3 kids, we are well aware of our limitations and although I was loving some of the different fabrics offered, we opted for something more neutral that could easily be cleaned. Gray is always a great color and can accented with throw pillows or a blanket.

In all my years of living in an apartment, I never once owned a traditional Futon. In all honestly, the word kind of had a bad rap and now I feel terrible for thinking this way for so many years. The Novogratz Vintage Mix Linen Futon is the perfect solution for our apartment and best of all its available from amazon (yeah prime free shipping). It’s slim silhouette fits perfectly in our home and transitions extremely easy into a bed. It’s slightly more firm than a regular sofa, and this makes it a much better bed. I have to disclose I haven’t slept on it yet but my daughter did and she loved it before we moved her to her own bed.

I love the vintage look of our new futon and also love there are no cushions that are removable other than 2 small ones. Everything was delivered to our door in a box and assembly was very easy and took my husband and I about 45 min from start to end.

I always secretly dream about those home makeover shows and the amazing transformations that occur in a small space. I now feel like I have experienced this in a way and want to give a huge thanks to The Moms for extending this partnership opportunity to myself and DadaRocks. This was the best Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gift we could hope for!

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The product reviewed in this post was provided by DHP Furniture. I only work with brands that I love, and opinions I express are always my own.