A Mother’s Day Gift Guide Event with the Accessories Council

Last week I attended a Mother’s Day gift guide event with the Accessories Council. The Accessories Council is the trade organization for the fashion accessories industry. There were so many amazing items  on hand and I was able to walk through and view some favorites from each brand. It was so much fun to see everything and I definitely have some ideas for Mother’s Day which is right around the corner!

My first stop was to learn about a new shopping app called POSTlaMODE. This is not any shopping app. POSTlaMODE is a platform created exclusively for all entities in the fashion industry. Their team handpicks influential professionals and businesses, including designers, retailers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, models, and independent boutiques to showcase their creations. Link to websites are provided which allow the consumer to easily purchase an item. You can download the app from the Apple App Store. This is the best way to shop for the latest looks!

95 Years ago, Echo set up shop in the heart of New York City. They sold scarfs and today they are still in NYC selling scarfs and a whole lot more! Echo continues to draw creativity from the diversity and vitality of the city and has expanded their brand to bags, beachwear, home design and so much more! There are so many perfect Mother’s Day gifts to choose from in their current collection.

I checked out some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewelry from Pink Karma. The pieces are delicate but still make a statement! Pink Karma definitely has a beach girl vibe and uses tranquil neutrals infused with semi precious stones. Designer Pam Mills likes to remind her customers that Resort is the best season of the year and it takes hard work to hustle and enjoy the good life! Her lux pieces are often designed with turquoise and I saw so many things I loved!

Another unique jewelry line was from MILLIANNA. Designers Sharmilla and Arianna design from the perspective of fashion rather than accessory trends. Their unique pieces are infused with inspiration from the Elizabethan era or the Art Deco movement. MILLIANNA accessories appeal to a broad range of women. These women all have something in common which is a love of fashion and a great sense of confidence.

At Kipling they understand that life as a mom is a very busy one! They have created mom friendly solutions to fit our busy life style. They also understand that being a mom is the most rewarding job. I’m happy they recognize and celebrate all us Moms who inspire and motivate others every single day! I’m so thrilled with my new laptop backpack from Kipling. My daughter may be taking this from me very soon, but hopefully I can enjoy it for a little while anyway. They have so many products that speak to moms and I will also add they are really beautiful and something any mom would be proud to carry around! Check out all of their Mother’s Day items at  their special online shop.

Have you ever wished you could design your own perfect bag? Now you can finally get what you want at Laudividni. You may have noticed the brand’s name is Individual spelled backwards. There are countless colors and styles offered so one can create the perfect bag. The quality is amazing and all bags are handcrafted in the USA. A personal stylist will help oversee your selections and make any suggestions to ensure you receive the most amazing bag ever! All custom bags take approximately 4 weeks to create.

Everyone knows that a mom is always ‘”on the clock”. Whether she is a working mom in an office, or a stay at home mom, time is the constant reminder of what’s next on the to do list. Timex has created some beautiful time pieces perfect for a mom of any age! There are some classic designs that we all know and love as well as some new floral patterns that are just so pretty! Timex watches are reliable, dependable, and hopefully will take us busy moms from school drop off to our late night yoga class.

What do you get the woman who has it all “or” is just hard to shop for? I always opt for a scented candle. A candle will always fit, lasts a long time, and makes people happy when they smell a relaxing scent. I was so thrilled to discover the fashion and lifestyle brand, Tighemi. Tighemi works directly with highly-skilled Moroccan artisans to curate exclusive and authentic collections of the very best quality fashions, bags, and home wares that celebrate the country’s rich heritage of exquisite craftsmanship. Quantities are limited because each item is handmade in Morocco. The Mother and Daughter team behind Tighemi travel often to Marrakesh to maintain a close relationship with their artisans. I was able to preview one of the most beautiful handbags I’ve ever seen and was given a signature sandlewood and cardamom scented candle that is truly my favorite candle ever!

Do you know any Moms who walk around all day in heels? Or perhaps, they just like to wear heels. I was super excited to learn about Joan Oloff shoes.  Podiatrist and shoe designer, Joan Oloff has created a shoe to actually compliment the shape of a woman’s foot. Her luxury shoe line is designed for the modern woman who also wants to feel good! I often have a hard time finding heels that are comfortable and therefore only wear them when I need to. I would LOVE to wear them when I “want” to and can’t wait to try a pair out.

It’s not everyday that you find a male designer who truly “celebrates” a woman. Jewelry designer John Wind‘s mission is to help women feel great and shine, inside and out. As an artist, he wants to express the strength and uniqueness of the women in his life through sculptural portraits of them. His collection celebrates the bold, inspiring, confident, loving and fabulous women in his life and ours! I’m in love with his designs and can’t wait to wear one of his pieces.

One of the most fun and unique accessories I discovered was Strands by Closet Gold. Have you ever wanted to make  your jeans, boots, bag, hat, or even t-shirt a little “edgier”? Well, now you can! Strands uses an industrial strength magnets that allow you to bling out even the most basic items. I attended the show with my dependable and beloved “diaper bag” from 7 A.M. enfant. I was shocked to see the transformation just a strip of jewels could make. How fun! The options are endless and it’s an easy way to sparkle up any look!

What is is about jewelry and women? I’ll tell you…. its because we LOVE to express our unique identities and also can change our moods at any given moment. When you are feeling “bold”, I urge to check out Marcia Moran. I’ve saved my favorite for last because I was so blown away by her unique and very “wearable” pieces. As a mom with 3 kids, I can’t be bothered with heavy earrings or anything else that may get in the way of my busy day. Hailing from Brazil, Marcia is in her 14th year of creating stunning and wearable art. This California chic line perfectly balances classic elegance with a playful flair. All of her jewelry is extremely light weight, including large cuffs and chandelier earrings. I was immediately complimented this past weekend when I wore these earrings to my daughter’s 5th birthday party. Be sure to check out her entire line at shop-marciamoran.com

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Whatever gift we receive is only icing on the cake. We already have the best gifts of all!