Quick Jewelry Repairs – Finally Wearing My Jewelry Again

If you are like me, you may have countless pieces of jewelry in random areas of your room not being worn simply because it’s “broken”.  We all know jewelry is very delicate and after years of wear,  sometimes items simply breaks. Sure, I try to repair what I can myself but for the most part items need professional repair services.

I have a laundry list a mile long each and every day. The thought of taking time out to attempt to find a repair shop and then actually having to go back and get it is simply is just too overwhelming so my jewelry sits year after year. Whenever I look down to see the missing stone on my wedding band, I think to myself “I should really take this in”, but inevitably it never happens. I’m sure I am not alone and many people are simply too busy to find a trusted jewelry repair shop.

I was so happy to learn about an online jewelry repair service called Quick Jewelry Repairs. Of course I was skeptical at first and couldn’t imagine mailing items such as my wedding band. However, after speaking with a representative my mind was put at ease. I found out the package is insured and it’s completely safe.

Most people visit a big box shop when having their special pieces of jewelry repaired and what they don’t realize is the items are typically shipped out anyway to a centrally located manufacturing companies, like Quick Jewelry Repairs parent company. They have the infrastructure, resources and technology to repair jewelry in the most efficient way. By cutting out the middle man, customers can have their jewelry repaired faster and less expensive.

Once I decided which pieces I needed to have repaired, I took a quick moment to sign up online. It was a very simple process and I was emailed a mailing label to print out. I placed a pair of earrings in which the clasp was not working properly and my wedding band with a missing stone in a small envelope and dropped it in the mail. I still was slightly hesitant and even though I was not currently wearing the jewelry it still felt a little strange.

My mind was put at ease after a couple of days when I received an acknowledgment that my package had been received. It probably would have been quicker, but I mailed my package in on a Friday. I waited patiently and was happy with the first phase.

Shortly after, I received another email that my package was out for delivery. It really was the easiest process and I will absolutely use Quick Jewelry Reapairs again in the future. With 3 kids, I’m sure there will be plenty of other broken necklaces, earring, and who knows what else!

I’m so happy to have my earrings back that I loved to wear so much. I remember when my husband gave them to me and it feels so good to have them back in my life. We all know jewelry is sentimental and special for countless reasons and having something repaired and back in your life feels so good!

If anyone is looking for a special Mother’s Day gift, this would be a perfect present. New jewelry is nice, but having our old jewelry back is also just as nice if not better!

Quick Jewelry Repairs offer so many services including ring sizing, engraving, watch repair, stone replacement, appraisal and more!