Family Travel with Pillow Pets

Packing for a trip can be incredibly stressful, overwhelming, and I’m one that “just never knows what to bring”. Of course I always end up over packing… it’s just who I am! However, when it comes to our kids, I’m now letting them pick out a few things to bring along that makes them happy (within reason of course!)

My son who is now 9 can luckily contain everything he needs in a large size backpack, and truth be told I don’t even inspect it before we hop in the car or board a plane. My girls, however, still need supervision and they mainly still gravitate towards their “cuddly” items that bring comfort.

I recently teamed up with Pillow Pets and am thrilled to share some of their new and exciting items. The beloved Pillow and Pet that we all know and love since 2003 now comes in a super fun Unicorn and also a Dinosaur. These are so on trend for kids and as always, they are suitable for kids starting at 0+ months. Pillow Pets make the perfect companion for any upcoming travel plans you may have for the summer or anytime!

My daughters recently brought along their new Unicorn Pillow Pets on a Road Trip and they really made a difference. My oldest loves how she can easily open and close the pillow with the underneath strap. Pillow Pets are so soft and made from a high quality chenille. The softer the better for my girls!

Pillow Pets combine the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow. My girls loved having their pet by their side for the road trip and they could easily pick it up at any time for a snuggle. For most of our car ride the pet was in Unicorn mode but once we arrived at the hotel, you can guess what happenned!

Pillow Pet’s really do make the perfect companion for your little one and also come in three sizes which are a 5-inch, 11-inch, and 18- inch. The Unicorns come in pink, teal, lavender, and white with the adorable flowered fabric on the bottom and even cute embroidered butterflies on the side.

Pillow Pets are so perfect for snuggling and cuddling and I will mention there is also a Sleeptime Lites line that illuminates soothing patterns on the ceiling. The comforting designs can help your child fall asleep and feel comfortable in their room.

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