Keeping Comfortable & Stylish with the new Arishi from New Balance

My new normal is a daily routine with a ton of walking. I’m now starting my day with a 2 mile round trip to my youngest daughters school in Chinatown, NYC. As a New Yorker I know my quickest routes to save time and in some instances it makes more sense for me to walk than to take public transportation or jump in a cab. I’m always walking briskly to make up for time and never have a minute to spare. I need a pair of shoes that can keep up with me!

As my week continues my older daughter has activities that take me as far uptown as Lincoln Center and let’s not forget I have the other daily commute to pick up my youngest at the end of the day. It’s definitely a hustle and my body has adjusted with the help of my new shoes from New Balance.

The new Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance is a beautiful new shoe that takes me from drop off… to pick up and everything in-between! Recently at a Mom’s Night Out event hosted by Momtrends, I was able to partner with the brand to learn about the shoes first hand and try them on. Needless to say I didn’t want to take them off and was perfectly happy wearing them with my dress. Everyone agreed the shoe was extremely comfortable and stylish as well! Well played New Balance!

Luckily New Balance understands the demands of a busy life and has created a shoe that offers unstoppable comfort and support to keep us busy moms moving in comfort all day, every day!

I admit, I tried to be abit more stylish the first week of school, but at night my feet were telling me otherwise. I’m so happy to now have a shoe that meets all my demands and looks good! The neutral color of my new Arishi matches my wardrobe and looks amazing. It’s also available in a variety of colors at

For all my non stop days I absolutely love my Fresh Foam Arishi shoes. The lightweight breathability keeps me moving and helps me arrive on time to all my children’s events. Finally I’ve found a shoe to keep up with my life!