Simplifying My Busy Life with a Mom’s Night Out

With the start of school recently, I’ve been in a constant tail spin trying to get everyone’s schedules straight, check homework, pack lunches, and lay out clothing the night before. It’s been challenging but finally it’s coming together! I’m lucky to have a few mom hacks up my sleeve and no longer worry about day to day as much!

I recently attended a fabulous Mom’s night out and learned even more tricks for my busy life with three kids in school. Momtrends hosted a very special evening and I was able to connect with amazing brands and learn about new key messaging from these special brands. Making this post sponsored by: Munchkin, Visit Williamsburg, Newbalance, SwaddleMe, and Jif.

My first stop was to see the new and improved Munchkin Step Pail. I used a diaper pail with all of my kids and even though it seems like a basic concept, we all know at some point things can get a little “smelly”. Munchkin is proven to be #1 in odor control. Also, Munchkin is just as concerned about our environment as we are and will plant a tree for every diaper pail sold! It has a self sealing system that seals the bag shut as the lid closes. There is no stink blast since the patented technology twists your refill tight as the lid closes. It also has a childproof locking system to keep little hands away from that elusive door on the pail! The easy to use step pedal and duel-refill compatibility makes it a real winner. Of course my favorite feature is the modern and sleek look that looks great in any room!

I was able to create my own beautiful lavender floral arrangement at the Munchkin station and I completely impressed myself with my bouquet arrangement! Of course with so many beautiful flowers, vases, and ribbon, everyone’s looked great!

My next stop was to see what’s new at Jif. My kids all love peanut butter (including myself). The individual containers are truly genius and convenient! I am never without them in my pantry. We are lucky to have no issues with a peanut allergy but are always conscious of others who may. While our school is currently peanut friendly, many child care places are not, so we usually save the peanut butter snacks for home. There are so many snacks that can be made with the wonderful tasting Jif brand and it’s easy to get creative. These beautiful creations really inspired me to try something new I know my kids will love!

Jif likes to imagine a world where kids’ best qualities like creativity, imagination, and bravery are limitless. When we feed kids’ potential, we can make that world possible. Jif, together with moms everywhere, would like to make that world a reality by celebrating kids and everything they do. I always feel good about giving my kids peanut butter and even if my girls are just licking it from the spoon (which they do nightly) I am good with that! Jif set up some inspiration boards for us moms and forced us to think outside the box about all the ways we can inspire our kids! Thank you Jif for making us proud of the job we are doing!

From now to October 20, parents can submit their family’s idea at for a chance to win up to 30K to make your idea a reality. Enter today and good luck!

Visit Williamsburg Virginia was also on hand to inform us exactly what we are missing by not taking a fun filled family vacation to this historical place. I had no idea so many interesting activities were available and it truly sounds as if there is something for everyone.

With locations such as WIllimasburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown you have your choice to visit themes parks, or explore the world’s largest living history museum. There are also outdoors options like bike trails, hiking trails and even zip lines for the fearless.

Williamsburg is also known for its culinary and craft beverage opportunities. I sampled selections from The Williamsburg Winery and also The Virginia Beer Company was there which I know my husband would love!

I created a vacation inspiration board of my perfect family trip and it was very difficult to eliminate such fun activities. I know we would have a blast spending time in Virginia and hopefully soon we can make it a reality!

I have now accepted, as I am literally walking all over the city on a daily basis, that comfort is key and I can no longer be such a slave to fashion during mom hours. Luckily, New Balance also understands how important it is for parents to still feel cool and has designed a new shoe that I am in love with!

The new Fresh Foam Arishi is designed to keep me moving in comfort all day! I love the neutral color and do not have to feel embarrassed about walking around in tacky shoes as I’m doing drop offs, pick ups and everything in between!

They are lightweight and super comfortable and still offer support for my daily routine.

Although my kids are no longer in the swaddle stage, I strongly feel they would have loved the new additions to one of my favorite swaddle brands, SwaddleMe. The new SwaddleMe Kicksie is a legs-free swaddle that is perfect for warmer weather and swaddling in a 3-point harness while still mimicking the cozy space of the womb. There is also a convenient snap bottom that is great for hassle-free diaper changes.

There is also a new SwaddleMe Footsie that is great for cooler weather and perfect for any wiggly baby. The patterns are so cute and the material is super soft for baby!

Since I no longer have a small baby, I now have a perfect idea for a baby gift. SwaddleMe is now offering 3 new gift sets including an Essentials Gift Set, The Baby Bath Gift Set, and The Little Lovey Gift Set. I know any new mom would be thrilled to receive such a perfect gift and who doesn’t love the idea of getting some sleep while the baby is also snuggled away in their SwaddleMe.

Thank you to all the brands and Momtrends who made the Mom’s Night Out so special. I now feel more confident as a busy mom and I love hearing all the advice and new tricks to help me tackle the day to day with my family. In my goodie bag were so many new magazines which I will definitely be taking with me this weekend on a trip. Thank you Parents Latina, Parents Magazine, Family Fun and Fit Pregnancy for all the reading material!