Dancing downtown with Seaport Moves

When I was growing up some of my fondest memories took place in a dance studio! I loved everything about moving and stretching my body and being “a dancer”.  The lead up to recital day was so exciting and as with anything I learned  practice makes perfect!

Now that I have daughters of my own, I instantly knew I would also like for them to experience the joys of dance. Harper started her first dance class this year at Seaport Moves and we could not have had a better experience!

Located  in lower Manhattan, Seaport Moves is a brand new studio with the most amazing teachers. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful Harper’s instructor, Joy was. She really connected with the little ones and opened their eyes to the world of ballet in the most magical way! Each week all of the students really created the sweetest bond.

There are many different ways to teach ballet, but in order for it to also be fun, the instructors have to get creative. Creativity is key in holding little’s ones attention and also teaching the necessary skills. Joy did such a great job of teaching the girls ballet terms that even  Harper’s babysitter was impressed with her “sotay” knowledge.

From the moment Harper stepped into the studio at Seaport Moves, her entire body shifted and I could see her excitement as she twirled around and held her skirt. She followed along with her instructor Joy and watched her every move.

SeaportMoves mission is to cultivate a passion for dancing, music and creativity in their students. They aim  to emphasize technique but also encourage children to shape their own identity as a dancer. One of the priorities that is integrated in their classes is using imagination and improvisational dance choreography. I saw this first hand recently at the parent observation day. Joy incorporates ballet terms into songs and the girls followed along so beautifully.

The girls all have a chance to use their imagination especially at the end of class. Joy tells a magical story and each child can add something. Because consistency is key in learning, each week they have been practicing the same routine to perform. It was worth the wait, and I’m so happy Harper found a dance studio she is comfortable in and also learning at the same time!

Please note Seaport Moves will be offering a summer camp and the Fall enrollment schedule is also available now on the website at www.seaportmoves.com

Happy Dancing!