A Rawther Fancy Playdate with Eloise & Friends

Last week I had the privilege and honor of hosting an Eloise & Friends Playdate at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. My daughter invited her most “fabulous” friends and they all gathered to spend the afternoon with The Plaza hotel’s most mischievous resident, Eloise! Before we stepped into the iconic hotel, Harper and I looked at the magnificent building from a distance in all it’s classic NYC glamour.

Of course we needed a new dress for this special occasion and I didn’t hesitate to to look any further than Florence Fancy, a fabulous children’s boutique located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. 

After we entered the posh entrance of the hotel, we were directed downstairs to the Eloise Tea Room. While the staff was putting the final touches on the room, Harper and I spent some time in the Eloise Boutique. This little shop is what dreams are made of! There is everything you could ever imagine of Eloise items and Eloise inspired items. There are books, dresses, dolls and more! Of course I could not seem to get Harper out of the tent and we had our very own little “Eloise” moment! Definitely more of those to come I fear!

Once the amazing Eloise staff was satisfied with the tea room set up, we were allowed in. My inner voice was screaming with excitement, but I played it cool (I think!). The decor was everything you might imagine for a tea party and of course everything was pink pink pink! There were no plastic cups to be found anywhere… everything was real and very fancy!

The children’s first activity at the playdate was to decorate their own wood jewelry box using foam stickers, markers, and gorgeous gems.  Our one boy guest had his own pirate chest which he was very satisfied with! While the children were hard at work, us moms were able to chat about how “fabulous” this room was!

While everyone was decorating their boxes, an amazing face painter was available to add some sparkle! After 3 kids I’ve been to a lot of parties and seen a ton of face painters, but this took things to a whole next level. Harper’s face, along with her friends, literally looked like a work of art. I have never seen such skill and the end result was so fun! The face painter asked the children what design they preferred and then she made their wish come true and even added jewels!

Next up the children’s were led into a different room where they were allowed to select a lovely dress-up gown. There was even a cute costume for our little boy and he joined in the fun without a hitch! The girls were so cute as they selected a dress and surprisingly enough no one argued because they were all that fabulous! Once everyone was changed, the “style show” began!

Each child stayed behind the curtain until it was their turn. For dramatic flair, each child’s name was announced and they were instructed to walk their “fanciest” walk down the runway. There was no shortage of mamarazzi on hand as we all snapped away to document the cuteness overload. You could see the excitement in each child’s face as they walked and I think we will all agree this was a highlight of the playdate!

After all the excitement it was difficult to manage a group shot, but with the request of a “silly face” … we had more than a few volunteers!

After all the hard work of being  super models, the children were taken back to the tea room for the most delicious selection of small bites. Tiny tea sandwiches, pastries, frosted mini cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more! There was also pink lemonade ( I mean tea!) to sip from the fancy tea cups.

As a final fancy send off, each child received a signature keepsake bag from Eloise! Harper is still carrying hers around and we spotted another one on the streets of NYC today. Everyone loves Eloise!

After the party, Harper and I stepped across the street to Central Park just to reflect on our super fun time at The Plaza. Harper was on cloud 9 and I feel so lucky we have these special moments to remember.

Aside from the Eloise & Friends playdate which is described in more detail below, The Plaza hotel also offers other special Eloise experiences as well. For local little New Yorker’s or families visiting, all the offerings are one of a kind activities and not to be missed!

Here is the link to the current spring and summer 2017 offerings.

Eloise In-Room Offerings:
For those staying at The Plaza, the Eloise events team now offers activities for children in the comfort of your hotel room. The fun begins with a rolling rack full of gorgeous Princess dresses & tiaras for children to choose from before enjoying a variety of games and dance activities.
Options include:
* Decorating Canvas Tote Bags, Picture Frame Decorating, Jewelry *Box Crafts and Manicures
Prices begin at $150per child + tax for 60 minutes

Eloise & Friends Playdate:
The launch of Eloise & Friends playdate parties are all the craze this spring season! With the rawther tricky weather we’ve been experiencing, head inside to the Eloise Tea Room for groups with less than 8 guests. Available Monday – Friday, children are invited to enjoy tea sandwiches, dessert and fun, fun, fun activities. Each attendee receives a Keepsake Bag from Eloise following the playdate!
Prices begin at $75 per child for 60 minutes, offering a semi-private section of the Eloise Tea Room. To privatize the Tea Room, prices are $250/hour

Eloise NEW Birthday Party Packages:
Ooooooooo Eloise absolutely loves a party! You can throw the most mahvelous affair based on one of her many, many adventures… Paris, Hollywood or Tea Time! Eloise’s new birthday offerings cater to children of all ages. Each party package is complete with a unique activity tailored to the event theme, tea sandwiches, beverages, desserts and party favors.