Girls Rule in MOXIE Collection from Keens Footwear

Keens footwear has always been a staple for my son since he could walk. Year after year he wears the durable and “kid proof” sandals every summer. With the sturdy structure, toe cover and waterproof feature, I never thought of looking anywhere else for a summer shoe.

Fast forward and now I have 2 girls who also need a protective outdoor shoe. Of course there is no shortage of adorable girl shoes available, but there is a problem finding cute “and” protective.

I’m so happy to have discovered the Keens “MOXIE” line. It’s specially designed for a girls maturing foot and understands that often times a girls foot becomes very slender while she grows. I have noticed this is definitely the case with my daughter Harper and some shoes just do not give her enough support especially when running and playing.

The Moxie flat is a slip on shoe that is both super stylish and functional. The cushioned footbed is such a bonus. I also love that the upper material is made from a breathable mesh that is washable. The bright and fun colors really make this shoe a favorite! This shoe is definitely the one you can slip on and hit the ground running!

My newly turned four year old daughter happens to also love doing everything herself these days. It makes my life so much easier and builds her confidence at the same time when she is able to put on her own shoes. The MOXIE Mary Jane is her current fav and she can put them on in no time. The adjustable strap is super easy and she can make it as tight as she needs. This sassy shoe also has a reinforced toe so no matter the adventure, Harper’s foot is protected. The Mary’s Jane is available in four colors.

For serious playground adventures Harper likes to wear the Keens MOXIE sandal. This shoe is an all around winner! The comfortable construction and a cushioned footbed make this sandal a perfect choice for summer adventures. Harper never has to watch her step and I never have to worry that her feet are exposed.

For more info on all the full Keens collection please visit www.keens and for the MOXIE collection please visit

I hope everyone has wonderful and safe summer adventures!