Messy but Memorable Birthday Bash with Bounty Paper Towels

Recently I attended the Messy but Memorable 1st Birthday Bash with Bounty Paper Towels at Jack Studios in NYC! There were so many fun and “messy” activities to keep my 3 children busy.  Luckily Bounty paper towels were on hand to help clean up the mess quickly.

Making handprints is a classic! My son and daughter painted their small hands with bright colors and made endless handprints with some guidance from the helpful staff.
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Bounty Paper Towels has recently partnered with Kristen Cavallari to celebrate life’s big and small “first moments”. She also attended the event and even made some messy handprints with my daughter. Kristen congratulated Harper with a big “High Five” afterwards!




After the handprints the kids decided to make a cake. This was truly every child’s dream to squeeze tubes of frosting on a cake. Again, Kristen Cavallari engaged with my kids as they both squeezed frosting on their cakes.  Sometimes it’s fun to get messy!




My daughter decided to make some more handprints. I would have no problem doing this activity at home after I saw how easy it was to clean up with just a couple of squares of Bounty Paper Towels splashed with some water. Kids love to get messy. There is no reason to worry if you have some Bounty Paper Towel nearby to quickly clean them up.





Bounty paper towel has always been a staple in our home. There is no other paper towel that works as well at cleaning up a mess quickly. I admit, I completely overuse my fair share…but how can you not when it’s just so convenient and easy! Bounty is also 2X more absorbent than other paper towels. This means the roll will last up to 50% longer.

We recently celebrated our youngest daughter’s first birthday. We also had Bounty Paper Towels around to help clean her up! It’s very soft and I have no worries or concerns using it to wipe small faces and hands. Harlow was able to “re-create” her cake smash with her own little birthday cake! Since I was too old myself for a cake smash, luckily there were also yummy treats for all ages.





Of course, there is always the unexpected uses as well! Making my children into mummy’s with Bounty is a fun activity too! Thanks DadaRocks! img_5080Thanks Bounty Paper Towels for re-enforcing how fun it can be to make a mess! May all your “firsts” in life be memorable (without the mess)!

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