Experience Karma Kids Yoga at Smarter Toddler

As a busy New Yorker sometimes it’s hard to slow down and breathe! In fact, sometimes we need to schedule a time to breath by taking  an exercise class.  I’m amazed how much better I feel about my well being when I’ve taken a little time for myself to stretch in a Yoga class.


Living in a big city we also need to think about our “little” New Yorkers and how they are dealing with the hustle and bustle all around them. Luckily for my daughters, Karma Kids Yoga offers a weekly enrichment program at Smarter Toddler financial district.


Yoga is important for adults but also has so many benefits for children. They can develop body awareness, build concentration, manage stress through breathing and learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.


Karma Kids encourages children to “play yoga”.  Children absorb so much they are not even aware they are practicing yoga.

I was able to speak to a Karma Kids instructor this week and she was so helpful in explaining the benefits children of all ages receive from yoga. Yoga provides an all around stimulation.  This includes physical, mental, and intellectual. It is recommended to start teaching yoga at a very young age to develop focus. By developing a strong focus you have the tools to help you through life.


The instructors at Karma Kids establish a weekly routine. The kids really look forward to it. Aside from yoga, the class also includes music, scarves, and dancing. It should also be said yoga is always a work in progress and no class is ever the same. The instructors take inspiration from the children just as the children take away the same positive energy from the instructors.


As a parent it was so exciting to see my daughter Harper immediately try a new yoga skill on her own. She totally went for it and I could not have been more proud!


Smarter Toddler offers yoga classes with Karma Kids for both older toddlers  as well as the younger ones.