Chiming In at a Post Debate Luncheon & Working Mother Event

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting next Genevieve Thiers,  founder of the renown babysitting service, Sittercity. A group of working mothers and bloggers all came together to have a special post debate luncheon at the fabulous, Sarabeths. Afterwards we participated in the first ever Live Facebook event with Working Mother Media editorial director, Jennifer Owens.


We all got to know each other over the most amazing lobster rolls, tomato soup and bite size blissful desserts. It was interesting to learn everyone’s back stories and hear about each other’s children. We discussed in depth how we have dealt with childcare issues past and present.

For myself, I am a juggler. I have 3 children and work as needed when I book a photography job. Granted, most of my bookings are on the weekend but there are plenty of times when I also require week day assistance. Sittercity has now launched a new on demand service called Chime in which you book a sitter seamlessly from your phone. This kind of service is exactly what I need!


The Chime philosophy is the provide a premium level of childcare at fair prices that aligns  with current market rates, says Kriston Rucker, Chief Marketing Officer for Sittercity. Chime connects parents with hand picked sitters that have been carefully interview and screened ensuring the highest level of safety for your family.

img_0064I was personally able to download the app for my iPhone and book a sitter within minutes. The sitter arrived punctually and could not have been better with my two girls. I was happy with hourly rate which is very fair for NYC and I will definitely be using the service again in the near future. Chime is available for download through the iPhone App Store or via the web at


Chime service is currently available in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and New York.

Discussing politics is always a topic that will get people excited but especially a group of women! We want to know that our needs are being addressed and which candidate will support us in the workplace. We  all agreed that more women are needed in politics. We need a person who cares about our struggles as a mother, worker, caretaker, and often times the provider. Women try to do it all and although we have been making recent progress there is still so much left to do.

Since it can be a little confusing to remember who is representing what in today’s political area, BallotReady was created. Ballot Ready is a great place to visit and is an online nonpartisan voter guide to every race and referendum with a mission to make it easy to vote informed on the entire ballot. BallotReady has a database of over 20,000 candidates with content on their biography, endorsements and stance on issues that can be better used to understand politics today.

Thanks for the laughs ladies and I hope to see all of our issues addressed in the upcoming election. Until then, we should all take some time for ourself with Chime by Sittercity. As a special offer for my readers, please click on this link for a $50 coupon code from Chime!