Sleeping cozy with baby deedee

Sleeptime has always been a challenge in our home. Living in small NYC quarters has not really helped our cause, but luckily there continues to be innovative baby products in the marketplace that help!


I recently discovered the sleepsie lite one piece short sleeve pajamas from baby deedee. The warmer summer months have finally allowed us to show a little skin. The super soft jersey cotton allows for my little girl to move about comfortable in her crib. The material is really one of the softest I’ve felt for children’s pi’s.


There is an amazing  zip feature that allows for a super easy diaper change without taking off everything. This is so helpful for an emergency midnight diaper change!


The colors are so refreshing and less “baby” than the current competitors in the market place. I love that the color schemes match other items in their collections such as the sleep nest lite, blankie, and sleep quilt.

Baby deedee products can be purchased at upscale boutiques around the country and online as well at

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