Hello, Peanut – An innovative way to introduce peanuts


Peanut butter is a favorite food for both my 7 year old and 3 year old. They love peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter crackers and even peanut butter ice cream (yes, it does exist!). After the initial peanut introduction and holding our breath looking for an on set of  aversion, we were in the clear for our first two children.

The pediatric guideline and recommendation has been both vague and confusing as a parent trying to follow the rules. I wanted to take the advice of my pediatrician and make sure I would not do anything to help cause a food allergy. With my older child I was told to wait until 12 months and now it seems I’m being told to start early as a way of preventing food allergies.

In schools today, the amount of children with food allergies is alarming. Most schools are now “nut free” or have a “nut free” zone. Food allergies must be taken very seriously and luckily there are now so many varieties of nut free foods and alternatives for children.

My youngest child is now ready for her introduction to peanuts and I’m thrilled to have discovered “Hello, Peanut“. Hello, Peanut is a simple and easy to use system designed to gradually introduce peanuts to infants as early as 5 months old.


Hello, Peanut was invented thoughtfully by an allergist. The product offers parents peace of mind as we all know how scary the initial introduction of peanuts can be for our little ones. The ingrediants are a USDA certified organic blend of peanuts and sprouted oats. The system includes seven packets of powder that can by mixed into stage one foods such as mashed bananas or apple sauce over the course of seven days. The amount of peanuts in each packet will gradually increase each day.



The wonderful thing about Hello, Peanut is the ability to start the process in the comfort of your home. If you notice any signs of a reaction it is recommended to contact your pediatrician or allergist and discontinue use. Also, if a peanut allergy is suspected do not use the product and consult with your specialist.


Hello, Peanut is completely organic and there is no added salt or vegetable oils high in saturated fats. Hello, Peanut has gone above and beyond the required industry standard  and they have a detailed certificate of analysis for their high quality product.


After the seven day introductory system, you may follow up with the maintenance packets. They are clearly labeled “Day 1 , “Day 2”, and so one. The maintenance packets are recommended for use up to three times weekly until your infant can eat peanut in spread or whole form.


Hello, Peanut is so easy to use and gives parents proactive control to gradually introduce peanuts over time. Being a parent is challenging enough so any additional peace of mind is always welcome!

To learn more about Hello, Peanut please visit www.hello-peanut.com

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