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It’s no secret that closet space is a commodity in an NYC apartment.  One can never have enough closet space and when a closet doesn’t exist, us NY’ers have to “create” one.  I had a challenge of moving my son and daughter in the same room where a closet did not even exist.  I had to bring in armoires and shop for furniture that had large hidden storage areas so we can tuck away 4 seasons of clothes for both. Below is my before photo of the kids clothes which you can see are basically “stashed” everywhere with no organization whatsoever.



With 3 young kids in the apartment and everyone growing at a rapid rate, we are constantly in a viscious cycle of binge buying and then trying to purge our closets.  What do we keep?  What do we donate?  What do we just secretly throw away with the trash (not that I ever did that 🙂 ?

I was recently introduced to Jessie Freschl of FreschStyle and suddenly my life is so much better!  Jessie was named “best closet organizer” in NY Magazine. She is the reason I can see the bottom of my kids drawers and even have a little wiggle room to possibly add some more clothes with the holidays right around the corner.

Jessie and her colleague visited my apartment last week and helped me to “edit” my kids room.  They basically removed all the items from everywhere and made piles accordingly to what my kids current size was and began the process of sorting and sifting through mounds of clothes.



I’m sure everyone can relate to holding on to clothing or shoes that are given as a gift because you might feel guilty giving it away or returning it.  After teetering on several items finally Jessie said well if it doesn’t make you happy don’t hold on to it! Thank you Jessie!!! I could not agree more 🙂


It felt so good to bag up shoes, shirts, dresses and  items that no longer fit my kids or simply did not blend with their personal style.  There are always plenty of people who will appreciate your gently worn items and I have always been very careful to make sure they are placed in the best hands.  With the holidays near there are plenty of charities who will appreciate any children’s items…. especially coats and shoes.

Jessie and her colleague Leeana recommended I purchase small organizing bins for my drawers. This made a huge difference and allowed me to see things clearly when I’m looking for something.  It was an easy thing but really was just what I needed. Sometimes you just need a professionals help!




After everything was placed back in the closets and drawers, I know exactly where to look for a particular item instead of rummaging through an entire drawer like I am used to doing. I should also mention Leeana did place seasonal items such as bathing suits in a accessible bin inside a drawer should I need to find it for sudden travel plans that may pop up.




I had no idea how many pairs of shoes we had that did not even fit or were a completely wrong season or both! It really felt good to remove these items and make room for current shoes.  I even realized my son is in need of new shoes asap!


When clothing items are folded nice and neat it’s much easier to find something quickly.  I was given a lesson and I’m definitely going to keep this up going forward! I love how it looks and how much easier it is for me and the kids to find something.


Organizing closets is just one aspect of FreschStyle.  Personal shopping is also another way Jessie and her team can help a client fill in the gaps in their wardrobe and bring in the right pieces in the comfort of their home.  It’s important to unclutter your wardrobe space.  It feels so good to have a fresh perspective and have clothes that work for you!  FreschStyle has access to clothes that would be difficult for the everyday consumer. They can bring them right to your home where you can select and choose at your leisure.  This is amazing!

With the holidays around the corner, I can’t think of a better gift to give a busy person in your life.  Any woman or man  could appreciate the gift of a personal stylist or closet organizer this holiday season.  FreschStyle has gift certificates that can be purchased by the hour.  A holiday special does apply if 3 or more hours are purchased.


Please visit to learn more or email Leeana at [email protected] to inquire about services or a gift card.

Happy Holiday!