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In Home Dining with Kitchensurfing

Each afternoon I have the same thought which runs through my head.  What’s for dinner?  Somewhere in the mid to late afternoon I also receive a text or call from my husband asking the same thing.  Living in NYC, our daily schedules can change by the minute so I really am not the type to do a weekly food shopping run.  I also should be up front and honest and let you know I really do not enjoy cooking in any way shape or form.  I do, however, love to eat healthy meals I know are prepared without hidden ingredients.  Ordering food online or getting take out can lead to overeating and eating unhealthy without even knowing it.

I have recently heard about a great new food service called “Kitchensurfing”.  Kitchensurfing takes the guess work out of what’s for dinner and a personal chef will come to your apartment and cook dinner for you! Continue reading In Home Dining with Kitchensurfing

Appaman – Girls Fashion

I recently reviewed boy fashion by Appaman and I’m so excited to now show off some trending girls apparel.  Appaman has been a staple in my children’s closet since I discovered the amazing quality and style for both boys and girls. It’s no secret there is no shortage of cute sylish girls fashion but finding consistent quality and trending looks can be hard to find. Continue reading Appaman – Girls Fashion

FRESCHSTYLE – Unclutter your life

It’s no secret that closet space is a commodity in an NYC apartment.  One can never have enough closet space and when a closet doesn’t exist, us NY’ers have to “create” one.  I had a challenge of moving my son and daughter in the same room where a closet did not even exist.  I had to bring in armoires and shop for furniture that had large hidden storage areas so we can tuck away 4 seasons of clothes for both. Below is my before photo of the kids clothes which you can see are basically “stashed” everywhere with no organization whatsoever. Continue reading FRESCHSTYLE – Unclutter your life