Appaman – Modern Boys Fashion

When I first found out I was having a boy one of my first thoughts was (after the initial excitement of course)  “where can I find the cutest boys clothes?”  I love fashion and instantly became very excited for my upcoming arrival. However, as my search began, it became apparent, boys fashions have not come as far as one would think. It became a challenge to find modern and exciting boy clothes.

A challenge has never stopped me before, so I set out to try and find the best options.  I discovered Appaman very early on and was so impressed with their modern cuts, fresh styles, and non-gimicky designs.  Appaman does as excellent job combining comfort with style. My son, who is now 7 refuses to wear anything uncomfortable and I always know I can count on Appaman in the cozy department.

I love the color schemes Appaman has each season and I look forward to seeing their new releases.  Everything is very wearable and looks great at the same time. The quality is excellent and takes it fair share from my 2nd grader.

The hooded henley and east side vest are a favorite pick for my son this season. He can wear it so many ways and he stays comfy and stylish throughout the day.  He can pair the henley with so many things and the color is awesome! The vest is very versatile as well and once again great quality!




Appaman always has nice sweaters and the Fair isle is so good this season! It’s really warm and looks perfect for any holiday photo or special occasion.




Appaman boys clothing is simply “cool”.  Everytime I check out their website I find something else my son needs. Each season surprises me with unique designs and allows my son to show his true personality through these fun clothes!

Winter gear is serious in NYC. I look for coats for my kids that are first and foremost warm and they must look stylish as well! Appaman fits these two categories perfect!

I love the classic coats Appaman offers eash season such as the puffy coat. We decided to change it up this year and try the Pratt down parka. It’s so warm and my son is loving it! The color is also fantastic! Marc is wearing the parka in Ink Blue.




Appaman has my favorite winter hats each year.  They are fashionable and warm and my son loves them! Everything gets a workout during a NYC winter and each year all of our Appaman gear holds up perfectly!


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