SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier

The Vicks SweetDreams cool mist humidifier is a new staple in my newborns room.  The translucent pink tank runs up to 24 hours which is amazing! A visible cool mist is mixed with dry indoor air to help raise humidity levels.


Unfortunately we now have to worry about germs from her two other siblings. In fact my daughter had a little cold within the first few weeks of her life. A humidifier is so comforting for a little one during a cold or during the winter months. The SweetDreams humidifier has a compartment for Vicks VaporPads that release the soothing scent that we all know and love.


There is a special feature to this humidifier that really makes it stand out from it’s competitors. There is a projector on top that will transform your child’s room with 9 dream inspired images. You can choose from starry night, safari or sea images and the projector will rotate through 3 images within that theme.

The SweetDreams humidifier also allows to play the projector when the humidifier is not in use. I have been finding myself doing this a lot! My daughter loves to stare at the ceiling at these sweet images.
This humidifier would make an excellent holiday gift for anyone with children!
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