Review: Little Miss Muffet’s Monster Sitting Service at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre

Last week I took my son to see the latest presentation at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park. Aside from the historical aspect and setting of this playhouse, it is in one of my favorite areas of the park and I love having an excuse to visit! If you have passed the little playhouse before and wondered (as I had done for so long) what’s in it….. buy a ticket online and check it out!!!

This was our second show at the theater with the last being the holiday performance which was fantastic. I was not sure how Little Miss Muffet’s Monster Sitting Service would measure up, but it proved to be a success!

Before the show begins a puppeteer comes out to greet the audience and explain a little about the mechanics of the puppets. It is truly amazing how they can move the strings to make the most natural movements. This part is probably lost on the younger kids, but you could tell the older ones were interested in the demonstration.

The show was an up to date take story about the great great great great granddaughter of the original, “Little Miss Muffet”, Molly. There were hysterical current references and a throw back to retro ones as well! The story begins with Molly realizing she is left alone after her parents are out of town for the weekend and her grandfather is snowed in and cannot make it. Molly’s grandfather sends and “old family friend”……. Al, the spider, and the story unfolds.

The song sequences were entertaining and enjoyable. Each changing set was bright, colorful and very well done, with larger than life monsters in the end! The kids shrieked with pretend fear (I hope) as the monsters came to life. Everything came together in the end as it should and all the kids seemed very happy, including my son!

Little Miss Muffet’s Monster Sitting Service is scheduled to play though the Fall. Check online for tickets at

Take your kids to see this show! It is not to be missed!!