Test your Induction I.Q.

Last night I attended the Frigidaire event in SOHO.  Making my way through the “sprinkling snow”, I was happy to arrive in a warm inviting space.  The hors d’oeuvre were excellent and the kitchen was beautifully prepped for Chef’s Anne Burell and Johnny Luzzini.  Each spoke about the latest state of the art technology from Frigidaire and talked about the benefits of “induction” in the kitchen.   Each chef prepared their “Valentine” meal as an example of easy things we could cook for our loved ones for VDay! As I’ve said before… I’m not a huge fan of cooking, so anytime I hear “easier” – I’m listening!!!

Chef Anne Burrell is a master at her craft.  She took us through her salad preparation as well as her pasta dish.  Anne was very excited about the induction technology because it allows food to cook faster and more efficient. The heat comes from within and heats the pan not the cooktop.  One definitely has more control of their cooking with induction and the best thing is that it’s “kid safe”- NO MORE HOT COOKTOPS! Also, induction stoves are 70% more efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric. Clearly it is easier to clean, given the cooktop stays cool!

Pastry Chef Johnny Luzzini loved the induction stove because it is easy like electric with the power of gas!  He stressed us to be smart with our time on Valentines Day and not to spend all our time in the kitchen.  (Don’t worry about me on that one Johnny!) I loved how he encouraged us to buy part of the ingredients (like the ice cream or sponge cake).  It’s much easier to personalize a dessert with honey, fruit, as well.  Johnny made an incredible pear dessert along with a chocolate banana dessert to die for! When asked what he was making for his loved one for VDay, he simply replied “Reservations!” haha.

Both Chefs were fantastic and their food was amazing! Thank you to Frigidaire for such a great event.

Happy Valentine’s Day!