J&R introduces J&R Jr.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the blogger event for the newest downtown “mecca” children’s outpost…. J&R Jr.  It was so nice to see the amazing turnout of local bloggers and their children.
While taking photos for the event I found myself constantly paying attention to details and let’s just say there was no shortage of that! Everything from the food to the entertainment was outstanding and I have no doubts J&R Jr. will shine as the newest kid on the block.  Upon entering the vast space, one can easily see how this is the place to be for children’s gear!

The first part of the day was a brunch dedicated to Macaroni Kid.  Macaroni Kid is a phenomenal website with writers nation wide who keep us informed on the latest happennings in our area.  They are the best reference for “things to do” in your area and more.  I love MK and was really excited I was able to take a photo of them!
The second part of the day was dedicated to MomTrends & KidzVuz and many of NYC’s finest bloggers.  It was so nice to catch up with everyone and buzz about the store.  Everyone had the same positive reaction to the cool space and atmosphere.  It was so great to watch to kids play with the toys (Yes! you can actually play with the toys here!).   ALEX was on hand to make arts and craft with the kids and encourage their creative side by making paper flowers.  LAZOO was also on site to let kids color and think out loud on  educational coloring books.  Both companies are leaders in self-expression and the kids had a great time at their booths!






The food was so much fun.  Everything was individually sized and incredibly good! My personal fav was the fruit cups for brunch!






The older kids quickly found a spot on the cool video cars and the younger ones ran straight for the Ipads (in colorful padded cases of course).  Calico critters were a huge hit for the little girls and do I really have to say anything about the music station??

J&R Jr.  encourages kids to test out their products and decide whether or not it’s the right fit.  I love this idea!  I also noticed while looking in the aisles that  this is not an ordinary “Elmo” toy store! Each toy is so uniquie and special leading me to believe this store has a buyer who truly cares.  I definitely saw more wood less plastic which is so refreshing!





Entertainment was unstoppable.. Rockin with Andy, The Amazing Max and A Princess Visit. The kids were memorized by these acts and I loved watching the faces throughout the day.  The store has a dedicated entertainment room to host many more acts in the future.  During the week, MoonSoup will be holding classes for all ages.  Moon Soup is a fantastic children’s program dedicated to music, exploration and play.





I’m looking forward to “Opening Weekend” this weekend.  J&R Jr. has top children’s musical acts and activities planned both Saturday and Sunday.  If you are in town, be sure to come down and check it out! http://www.jr.com/promotion/listContent.jsp?promoName=JrGrandOpening