The “NEW” Atkins Cookbook

I had the honor today of attending the most fabulous luncheon hosted by “The  Moms“.  The event was held at  “Donna Karan’s Weiss Studios” in the West Village.  I never turn down a chance to visit my old hood and I had a nice quick trip down memory lane after the event.  On this cold winter day, it was great mingling with my favorite bloggers and discussing the delicious food that was on hand.

The vast space was beautifully decorated with Donna Karan’s preferred “zen like” ambiance.  I was able to move around the room nibbling at various bites (all labeled of course). After a very informative presentation from Colette Heimowitz talking about the “new” Atkins, I sighed releif knowing I would not have to sample bacon, sausage, or cheese.

Celebrity restaurateur chef Donatella Arpaia made a special appearance to demo a few different recipes and speak about her recent struggles with dieting and weight loss from the birth of her son. Of course she looked amazing…. but every mom knows what a toll pregnancy can take on your body.  Being a chef and constantly around food, Donatella has to face her battles straight on and the best way to this is to be knowledgeable about what goes into your food!  Her husband, a renown heart surgeon event gave the green light on this new Atkins Cookbook.  I love the recipes she prepared and liked eating them even more!  Pizza on whole wheat with olives and feta, salmon with a delectable glaze and the best cheesecake ever!

One of  my favorite questions that was asked….”What to do if you don’t really cook”? I loved Donatella’s answer. She said  you just have to open the cookbook and look at the ingredients and go for it.  That’s exactly what I plan to do…. starting tomorrow 🙂